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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gold Digger?

"I ain't a gold digger but I don't do broke n*ggas!"

I recently posted that on my twitter while hearing it the Wale concert courtesy of @aye_IB an underground female rapper from Texas. Now when I posted it I didn't know how much this one little statement would cause so much outrage and drama.

I got messages, tweets and DM's from people judging me off of that one little line. I got alot of that whole statement right there was that of a gold digger mind set...huh? At first I felt like I needed to defend myself, prove to others that I'm not the gold digger they're accusing me to be. But then I thought...I'm standing behind this statement 110% because I felt on what she was trying to say.

Gold digging and be comfortable are two totally different affairs in life. Confession: I often make jokes and say I'm just holding off until i find my millionaire husband and then life will be great but in actuality I just want to be in a relationship and feel secure. I have never based who and Why I dated someone off solely on how many zeros are in there bank account or how much there net worth is..the car they drive...clothes they wear or the company they keep. Money isn't the defining factor in how i feel for u. I personally just don't want to be in a barely getting by relationship...i wanna know that shit goes wrong...that we as a couple could survive on one income for awhile without feeling like we are barley keeping our heads above water. I once had an relationship were i was the bread winner and it was I who carried him on my back and did everything for us off of my little pay check and let me tell you that was something I vowed I shall never ever in life do again. I want to be with someone can hold a job down, keep up with his bills and leave an above water life....Is that to much to ask for?.....Does that make me an gold digger?

I spend every other weekend with a group of gold diggers in the hair salon. I listen to them talk about all the money they see, trips they take and expensive items that cover there bodies on a day to day bases. Hell, I'm friends with a couple of gold diggers who only date men who only have 6 figure incomes to sit on. I'm amazed at how much time goes into living your life by gold digger standard and making yourself available for these men. The are all about the $$$ and what it can do for them...from fast cars to very expensive shoes a gold digger has nothing but$$$ on the mind it probably all they think of. A gold digger has dollar sign in there eyes and that something i just don't possess. I never thought because I want to have an better comfortable life then that of my parent would automatically make turn me into an gold digger. I thought i was just having higher standard for myself trying to make a bigger life for me and my future children...I guess not.

Gold diggers chase the glam and glory of the money, I just wanna be have an extra $5 in my pocket instead of picking lent balls. If that makes me a digger then i shall wear the title with pride.


khaki said...

aint nothing wrong with that! huge difference between wanting someone thats financially stable to contribute versus having someone to buy you shit.

☆Reese said...

^^co-sign with that heffah

MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

girl I feel you 110%!!! I will tell any man, that at any moment I can call my father or my brother to provide me with essentially anything that I need, and in some cases anything that I want, and when I'm with a man I find it very unnecessary and even embarrassing when I have to run back to my father or brother for anything... I need to know my man has my back and is capable of supporting me if need be. Nowadays men are the gold diggers so them idiots on twitter can shut that noise!

JStar said...

I feel you here...I just want him to hold his own, because I can hold my own...More would be nice but I just wanna make it...You gotta meet me half way because I will never ever carry a grown man again...Unless its temp in an emergency situation...if he is already my husband haha
You're not a gold digger by any standards...Ignore the fools because you sure arent one...

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

can't stand gold diggers. but there is a level between wanting a dude just for his money & wanting a man to have his own.

ain't nothing wrong with wanting someone who can handle your needs. as long as your realistic.

Odot Smith said...

I realize the article is very old, I still wanted to get my two cents in...
I don't think Gold-digging is all bad, as i outline in my book, Sexx Is Not The End Of The Game. Maybe after (or before) it releases (9.16.13) you'd like to do an article on my take of the issue. Im sure you will find it unique, to say the least.
Here is an excerpt: "... The fact that women are gold-diggers leads us directly to my point. The men in our society will "do anything for the paper!" What makes a woman different? The fact that she does not stand on the block, she stands behind her man; which sounds good, except Society says the woman can do (and sometimes must do) that which a man can do. This then, believe it or not, separates the male-female relationship from the man being a provider, to being a business partner. The woman then, not being able to be equal with him in that respect (stand on the block & hustle), becomes ultimately lower than him, similar to the way the system is designed to keep African Americans out of certain hustles.
Point: The very thing that has been advertised to our nation as a whole and our community in particular (women's liberation) was supposed of lift the woman somehow has evidently brought her lower than the man.

Your female company is a reflection of you. Even in a generalization, if women are only good for fucking, & we have/need to fuck; what then does that make us? Even a despicable pimp knows that woman is good for more than that. In pulling them down we automatically pull ourselves down, because they came from us. Woman came from man, but every man reading or hearing these words read was born of a woman. I am you, and you are me; I come as I am, I am as I come. Above all else remember you are the man, the one which holds the logical thinking capacity, figure it out role. So if something isn't right in the hood,  it falls on you, because you certainly don't want that emotional creature making decisions that need to be thought through with deep concentration and cogitation..."
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