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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Your Dreams...

I have people tell me all the time that they never dream when they sleep...but of course they do they just don't remember them. We dream and we all dream every night. For the past couple of months my dreams have been outrageous and crazy. From dreams of being a drug dealer to having a house full of kids and not being able to view my husbands face they have kept me entertained. One thing all these dreams have in common is my one of male friends lets call him..Mail Man.

Mail Man and I have been friends for a little while not to long not to short just the right amount of time. We talk from time to time nothing to serious, he reminds me of my friend Ro so I think that's why I value alot of things he says for the most part . No matter what my dream is he's in it, in some form or fashion. Usually he plays a role in my dreams from being one of the main people to just being an extra with the random people we see out . I see his face sometimes just playing the background while the dream is taking place he never talks..never really interacts with the theme of the dream just watching I guess . I have no idea why he's playing a part in my dreams but he is there each and every night. I tried to research it online with some dream interpretation websites but they had no real answer for me....they just break the dream down to what u see in your dreams and there is no answer for why Mail Man keeps making cameos in my dreams.

I search my soul high and low trying to figure out the reason I can't shake this man but i have no logical answer for him always being around lurking in the scene......SOMEONE HELP!!! please anyone out there tell me why u think he's in my dreams...Does it mean I'm in love with him(which I know I'm not)....does it means he some sort of protector of me....or does it have a deeper meaning..*sigh*


Lipglass and Handbags said...

You could be in love with him and not know it just like those that don't remember their dreams. You never see your husband's face but you see his face...subliminally, this could mean your husband's face isn't a foreign face at all but one that's been there all along...get it? However, you just aren't seeing him as that. At least not yet you aren't anyway....

JStar said...

I cant interpet this...but he does have a significant place in your life...Maybe its a sign to allow him into your life more in some capacity...Whatever happens, will naturally...He could be a lover or just a best friend...Find out

Traci Lavette said...

Hey Miss!

A little fact about me that not too many people know...I LOVE to explicate dreams! Love too because they have so much to do with our waking life and a lot of us don't realize it or leave them where they lie once we wake up. I would have to know more about the dream itself to "try" to give you a FULL explication.

With him being the "observer" in your dreams, it could mean that you care about how he sees you - that his opinion of you matters and that on some level you see him as a guardian of sorts. That he is someone you can go to that will watch from afar and not judge you, and that will always be there. I don't think you are necessarily feeling intimate about him as much as you trust his friendship and what he say to say, what he thinks, etc. He is important for your life.

Also...I don't know who Ro is, but it might be that since he reminds you of Ro, it's really Ro that is at the center of all this...

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

dreams are just your subconcious. it's how your mind works all day, but in a sleep state you see it in visions, pictures, colors, & sounds. it's what's playing on your mind, heart, soul.

he keeps reoccurring because you want him there. whether he's saying something or not. the main focus or not you he is the one constant thing. means you have something you need/want to share with him. ppl stay on your mind for various reasons but when it's consistent it's much more behind it.