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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Becuz Cupid Hit Him....

I happened to glance at my calendar last night and saw the Valentine's Day was fast approuching...booooooooooooo....I have no boo, no plans so it shall just be another day for me beside my Daddy giving me cards and flowers nothing special will be going down *sigh* and like clock work my cousin Danny calls yesterday to ask me for creative and out the box ideas for things to do for his Girlfriend for valentine's day *sobs* being the loving cousin I am I pull some shit together to make things special for her.....and I was thinking I need share this with the world because I know I'm tired of the usually roses and dinner...smh...step the game up on em. So here they go...

  • If giving flowers no roses pleeeaase they are so very common step the playing field up get some tulips, lilies, orchids etc....just stop with the roses if you can purchase them at the grocery store we don't want them.
  • Stop with the usual out to dinner.. plan an indoor all dessert picnic. Buy some bubbly and dessert custom made cupcakes, cheesecake, expensive chocolate no drug store or godiva lay a plush blanket in the livingroom light candles and make it all about her.
  • Buy a packet of glow in the dark stars and stick them on the ceiling above the bed to spell out a message like "I love you" when the lights go out the message will be revealed.
  • Buy a heart shaped sterling silver mirror and get "This mirror will forever hold the image of the most beautiful women in the world" engraved on it.
  • Serve breakfast in bed...using a heart shaped cookie cutter and make heart shaped pancakes, toast, and melon.
  • get an old pill bottle to make a prescription of love. Fill it with heart shaped candy..create an label that says "take twice daily with a kiss"
  • Dress up the bedroom. Buy and put on new luxurious bed sheets, light candles, drop rose petals, buy massage oil and lingerie... expensive top of the line lingerie.
Fellas just go the extra mile for whatever you do. Get the $100 bottle instead of the $40 bottle. Make the usual stuff a little bit more exciting for her and I guarantee you at the end of the night she will return the favor.

and ladies I have dropped a couple of ideas for you to do for your man...

  • Sexy Scavenger hunt...When he comes home, he'll be greeted by a note explaining instructions and leads him to his first clue. each item he finds will lead him to the next until he reaches the grand prize YOU..naked or in some sexy lingerie.
  • Make an homemade gift box filled his favorite things...candy, movies etc...this one can work both way fellas you can do this too! shout out Epitome for these two ideas.
  • You can never go wrong wit tickets to his favorite sporting event..football, basketball, boxing even if you hate it learn it just for that one night.
  • Cut out hearts in various colors write things you love about him and post it around the bathroom mirror so when he walks in the bathroom its the first thing he sees.
  • Buy flavored body paint write his name some where on your body and send clues via text while he's at work where he can find it when he gets home.
  • Switch the roles up. be the dominate one. You book the expensive hotel...and of course pay for it...order the room service..run the bath water all the little things that they spoil us with. Make him feel special..they do it for us all the time its okay to spoil them back.
Men are far easier to please than women..you could suck some good dick and cook dinner and theywould be happy. Just keep it simple for them...they are not all about the mushy shit like we are.

smh @ myself I got all this romantic shit in me and no one to do it for or no one to do it for me *sobs* better next year i guess.


F said...

Just found your blog... I love the title!

The fact that you put ideas for men and women is quite cool... Women have got lazy, thinking Feb 14 is all about their love slaves catering to their every need... Particularly love the idea of the sexy texts for the guy or the dessert indoors instead of the traditional dinner...

Feb 14 is a day to celebrate love, by the way... And love occurs in different forms... Love for God, family, friends or even self. The focus on romance is an exaggeration cos romance isn't all love is. I wont be with my boyfriend for Valentine's day thanks to a little thing called the Atlantic Ocean but we girls with no man to celebrate the day with shouldn't feel pressure. Plus, we all know most of them wont read this and would come with the same old boring ass roses and dinner... Who wants that? ;)

JStar said...

Love it girl....Oh believe me I know your pain...Its been YEARS since I had a boo on Valentines...Now that I am just starting a relationship I am going to make this a special V Day for him :) Thanks for the GREAT tips :)

khaki said...

this is so depressing. LOL

I just want someone to watch Good Times with me. *pout*

Lipglass and Handbags said...

I LOVE your ideas!!! I will definitely try some out especially the last one you suggested for women because i've never went all out for him they way he does for me all the time & he deserves it.

Another very cute idea: Our first Vday, we were sophmores in college and so all day I had a little gift/favorite treat of his waiting for him in all his classes on that day, along with sexy photos I had taken and enhanced by the school's copy/print center. I also prepared a romantic dinner for us that evening.

He then in turn arranged for me to be blindfolded and kidnapped suddenly by one of his friends. The friend did this put me in the back of his car and drove me to a place that turned out to be his place. The boyfriend took my hand, led me to his apartment (still blindfolded), i'm standing there as he goes out he says "take off the blindfold". I did that and was met with a his apartment that was filled with pictures of he & I on the walls. He had written sweet messages on the walls in highlighter and had his blacklight on so they'd all show. Rose petals were everywhere!! He'd had a CD made with romantic love songs that explained the way he felt about me, a basket he'd put together filled with rose petals, stuffed animals, framed pics of us, vday champagne glass, chocolates, heart shaped handcuffs, naughty dice, and a love letter he'd written. There were also platters of cookies, strawberries, chocolates....it was PERFECT!!! We spent the night doing everything but the do, it was that time :(

Sorry, I got waaay beside myself posting all that!! Don't cuss me out LOL

RoByn LaTice said...

awwww this is soooooo..so so so so depressing! lol, ughh..Im nt used to this. I love your ideas, did one for my man last year. *sigh*...as long as I get to use one next year, Im cool. :)