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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Sleep

Dear Sleep,

I miss you please talk to me. I can't even remember why we fell out of love but I'm sorry and want you back. I remember back in the good ole days when we were very much in love and happy.

I would call you and you would come over whisper sweet nothings in my ear and I would lay with you for hours. Instead I call and call you but nothing...you don't even answer the phone. I know in my college years I cheated on you more than a couple of times but that's when I was young, dumb and thought that sleep was for suckers. I now see my cheating ways was not the way to go...Insomnia and I are over and done please come back to me. Are you still mad about October when I fought you off so I could spend time with my out of town Friends? but i did come back to you ...it maybe have been like 7am when i landed back in your arms but what could a girl do I didn't want to miss a moment with them...sorry... I want you to home now.

Every night I lay in the bed tossing and turning waiting for you and sometimes you never come and others times you appear at 2 or 3 in da morning knowing I have to be at work by 8:30, you just don't give us enough time together. I sit at my desk on a daily bases just wondering if tonight will be the night when we snuggle up together in the blanket and drift off to La La land. Everything you asked me to do I have done whatever it takes for you to come back..I stopped eating after 10pm, turn all lights out long before bed time, spray my covers with lavender and take warm soothing showers just so you can be happy and still just nothing from you. Where is the love, sleep? Where is the love? I know on the weekends I sometimes throw you the cold shoulder but its the weekend i need to be wide awake lord knows what I might miss if I fall asleep. I need you the most during the week my life just isn't the same without those nightly 8 hrs visits you stopping in and then wake me up at 2am to voice your frustration only drives me crazy and makes me Wanna cheat on you by going out and buying some help with our relationship but i refuse to give up on you so easily we can work on this.

Please Please Sleep forgive me for whatever I have done I need you in my life..I gotta have you in my life.


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