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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Black and Missing

I thought about this a long time ago and got so catch up with insignificant things that something that really matter slipped my mine.

Amber Alerts fill our roadway with tag numbers and description of cars we need to watch out for and colors of outfits that the missing wore so we can stake out anyone or vehicle that fit the profile. I to make sure I keep my eyes and ears open just to help another person home save and sound but Do you ever think how many of these missing children/Men and Women are of the African American race?...better yet of any minority?

The media goes crazy over the disappearance of people who remind us of Lacy Peterson, Natalee Halloway and Audrey Seiler..plus the children resemble Jon Benet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart and Caylee Anthony but what about Mitrice Richardson(missing since 9/09), Sasha Davis(2/09) and Nancy Cobb (found murdered) or maybe the children Lavontay Ju'Marion Johnson(missing since 3/08) and sisters Roxann and Deja Owens(missing since 12/09). Do we just not care about them equally as the others. There was a time in the nation that us African American weren't thought twice about and our disappearance was just one less nigger taking up space. You would think that now..present day... after the civil war and Martin Luther King rallied us together to hear his dream that the media and the world would cherish us just as much as our counterparts.

FBI statics show that African Americans and other minorities make up a large portion of the missing than what the media portrays, little to no coverage is ever shown for those victims. Channels such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News neglect to ever showcases story of minorities who are missing to broadcast what they are call "more interesting" stories such as maybe Tiger Woods hoeing around? and Gilbert Arenas getting trigger happy? In June of 2007 MSNBC cancelled a segment of a missing African American Florida girl to cover Paris Hilton...smh..I can see how Paris could have been so damn important... Our minority community has no one to back them when one of our own pop up missing. I remember being in high school and one of my friends disappearing for a month and not once did I see her name flashed across an TV screen or did anyone offer to help. All the efforts to find our lost is solely placed on us.. the community to make it heard but those cries can only be heard for a short distance. It brings much sadness and pain to think that there is thousand of minority family who just long for the public to hear the story of there missing mothers fathers sister and brothers but the world will never hear there cry. As I sit here write this blog I can't recall any minorities getting any news coverage...as I think even more I can only recall them if they were killing, dealing, slanging, or cheating. Which is heartbreaking to me because today I learned that two young sister who are from less than 20minutes from where I live have been missing since December 29. So tell me why I didn't know that? Why for every night that I tune into the news I have never not once seen or heard this story or seen these girls faces. I ride every day to and from work and pass numerous amber alert signs and not once did I catch any info on them. The only resources I found catering to those who are missing in the African American Community was Black and Missing which breaks down the missing by state and gender. I was surprise at how many of us are missing and how long they have been missing...smh...its like no one care if we just up and disappears. So who will help save us if they are to busy saving other?

Have you seen us?......

Roxann Owens

Deja Owens

Mitrice Richardson

Lavontay Ju'Marion Johnson

Sasha Davis


Beyond Danielle said...

But do you think majority of the african american children that go missing are really over a childsupport/ custody battle. Most Amber Alerts I hear are children that are just with the other parents. It's so sickening to me because my daughters father has custody of her. Because of age restrictions. Yet she lived with me everyday of her life. So if one day he can't find us he could say oh she kidnapped my daughter, yet he hasn'e even been in her life. Then I would be the Amber Alert. I'm sorry kinda touchy subject for me. I think that parents should be omited from this law.

Beyond Danielle said...

On the other hand media doesn't talk about anything that happens to African Americans.... What happened with your friend.

What about the African lawstudent girl that cut a line at Walmart and they tryna throw her under the jail.....

SMDH I could go on and on

Val or Pro Brooklynite said...

the media picks n chooses whats fit to showcase... black is wack... we are simply nothingness therefore who cares when something happens to one of us. So disturbing. - Pro

Traci Lavette said...

This was a great post! It pisses me off every single time I hear something like this that just brings home the fact that WE don't matter. Bad part about it is that we don't matter to those external to US and we don't matter amongst US. We are the hunter and the hunted - not just for everyone else, but for us too. This information is, and should be eye opening for us that are out here hating each other for no damn reason. WE are out here missing and nobody gives a f**k.

To actually see pictures with the post is even more disheartening because you just want to get out there and help find them, if for no other reason, to bring the families closure.

Thanks again, girl.


JStar said...

This brought tears to my eyes, esp seeing the pics...Them looking happy...Roxann abd Deja did return home tho..I read that on the web...You are so right, the media tells what they want but the most important stuff, we never hear about...I am white and hate how the white media only cares about the lil white kids missing or being killed...so sad...