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Friday, July 2, 2010

*props feet up on table and sips wine*

I'm not going to lie its only been two days and it feels kind of odd not to be wrecking my brain trying to find something to blog about *kanye shrug* but I refuse to do a blog a day thing again...well not do it 2 months straight!

I did extend the challenge to some others and 2 of them accepted the challenge..
JazzyJaz over at Me, My Blackberry, and the City and Starrla Monae over at herself titled blog Starrla Monae are picking up where unpretentious narcissistic left off at. Make sure y'all stop into there spots and check out the next 31 days of them blogging..I'm sure they will have some interesting things to get off their chest!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ms. Behaving said...

A blog a day for two months straight????
Sheeeeeeeeeeeit...I applaud you on that one.

Sometimes, I can barely come up with two posts per WEEK so I can only imagine the headaches that come with trying to come up with something EVERY day!