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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Not Ready!

I was talking to Epitome last night about Lil Richmond how he made a joke about coming to DC for my family reunion so he can meet my family..whooooaaaaa...they threw for a loop I know part of him was joking and the other part was serious but i picked to run with the joke half of him and I just laughed it off. Of course Epitome didn't find it as funny as i did and he informed me that maybe it was time to stop being Old Sunshine and let New Sunshine come in a little bit more since we both decided to make changes in our lives for 2010. Right she was but I just don't know if I'm ready for the family meetings and stuff, I just don't want to do this too prematurely and ruin what we got going on. I love my family to death and that jazz but bring him around them all at one time makes me feel sick to my stomach. It would be cool just to start off slow..maybe just meet my parents and siblings that would be a better fit for your first family gathering and maybe we can work in everybody else..Aunts, Uncles, cousins should come later. this family reunion will have them all he ones i like, hate, the hoodrats, motor mouths who tell everything..the rude ones and the over protective...It will just too many people there for me to keep track of all that will be said or done. Epitome said "its been 4 months and you thinking about being with him in long term did you think that meeting the family will never happen?" *side eye her ass* I feel where she coming from, i do like him (plz savor that moment cuz i may never say it again) and i knew that my family will come into play sooner or later but i just wanted it to be much later like Christmas or something or maybe even 2011 *shrugs* I 'm just not ready for all this family stuff...i take it serious when we progress on to family functions and meeting them its a big deal to me. I just don't bring anybody around my family because I feel that is some real special type stuff...some real serious stuff and in the past i have done so and with the exception of 1 who they still ask about things didn't end well at all. Maybe its me over thinking the situation but I'm just not ready for such a big step I' going to pray all goes well and I'm also going to pray that he has a reason not to attention so i won't have to deal....is that wrong? lol


DaBossBitch said...

That sounds scary to me. To me 4 months is not long enough for someone to be around all that family. Couple of folks maybe but I totally see your point!

khaki la'docker said...

i agree with Dabossbitch - but maybe since you like him you should bring him around as "just a friend". iono.... this sounds scary to me too but im afraid of all things committment related so... damn smh

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I felt trapped reading this. It's only been four months....meeting the family is a BIG THING. I would've done the same thing and ran with that joke until I was out of breath. If you want to plan something else that wouldn't include so many people, maybe that would take away some of the anxiety.

JStar said...

I agree with everyone else...Take it slow...Cuz if it dont work, you gonna have to hear their mouths... lol

Freckles said...

I know that I am a little late but I will have to agree with all of the above. Take your time. dont rush it and if it is worth the long term you will know.

good relationships take time. go with your gut.


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