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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Number

I have been friend with some of my friends for year some 10 plus years and i share alot with them but even they don't know the number!..you know that number...the number of sexual partners you have over the course of your life. Yep that number, the one that sometimes I lie and don't act like some of yall haven't neither. I think the only person who really knows the exact number is my OB/GYN but hell i think i have even lied to her about it.

Now Lil Richmond and I talk about an array of things I don't we have many secrets because we share almost everything but one thing i have never asked him about was his number...To be honest I have no interest in it nor have to judge him off of it..lol..I lie i wouldn't judge him but i think its just better that. So I was super surprised this morning when out of nowhere he asked my number................................................I almost crashed the car when i heard what he said and to make sure i heard him right i had him repeat himself and yep thats what he said what's your number? I tried to laugh it off but he didn't find anything amusing I didn't know if i should tell him the truth or go with my safe number which is 7...lol..don't judge me but 7 just feel like not too high not to low just perfect. Then again i was thinking maybe i would just drop the real number on him and see what he says but if my number was higher than his i'm sure he would feel some type of way about it. and of course because im the master of avoiding i found a way to pass up the sunshine reveal moment by asking him what his number was. When the words left my mouth i said an silent prayer that he didn't say something out the pocket like 3,001 lawd i hoped it was just a three digit number under 500.....smh...I know his track record and i knew it was going o be high ...he laughed and said 180 so breath easy. 180?!? really?!? woooowww was all could get out. of course i could have judged him off of it but i didn't that is his personal battle not mine and after hearing his high ass number he made mine look like chump change but just like the avoider i am i never revealed it to him by the time he was done I was at work the conversation had to be cut off...Sorry?!? i think i was saved by the bell because i have intentions of sharing that information with him not because i'm ashamed of the number or worried about him asking many questions about my sexual escapades i think disclosing my number something i shall never do..I haven't done it in the past nor do i plan on it in the future.

Questions for yall is...The Number do you share? or not? and why?


Lipglass and Handbags said...

Girrrrrl the number is a bitch!!! My ex was obsessed with the number actually it may be partly why we broke up and my number isn't high at all BUT it wasn't what he thought it should be....oooh well on to the NEXT!! Just tell him...may make him feel like he need to work harder, whip out some new stuff...tell him then have fun with the aftermath.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

180?!?! He was joking right??! LOL!! When I had actual relationships, my number was low and I had no problem saying so but err ummm now?? Well to tell you the truth, I don't think my number is bad now either...I wouldn't be ashamed to share if a potential new boo asked. What men need to understand is that we aren't prudes...how the hell do they think we learned to do that certain trick they like so much?? Practice! LOL...and it doesn't even have to be practice with tons of dudes either.

Monique said...

180? Dang. But that's much lower than most men I know.

Honestly, I haven't had many ask me what my number was. They always assume that I've always been a good girl but let's just say good girls have a past too. *wink* If asked, I would probably share a safe number. Regardless what a man says, they aren't ready for the real truth when it comes to that number. Ever.

sunshinestar110 said...

@Lipglass I thought about sharing my number but i'm gonna make him sweat about it for awhile and I'm sure he thinks it something high but i think its very modest. lol

@Starrla I WISH I was joking when he said the number I thought it was playing around until there was no laughs! As we were taking about I was thinking does he think that the sex things i know was learned via porno...lol..I think i'm going to share it after i let him sweat it and think that I'm about to say some crazy number like 545 or something..he needs a lil excitement in his life!

@monique I agree to that I know a couple of men whose numbers are just outrageous its like are u serious what the hell were you doing?...The safe number is the best way to go in most situation its a way that no one feels uncomfortable the situation...I know i am going to share a number with him I haven't decided yet if it will be the safe number or the real number.

DianaBoss said...

There is a lot of talk about numbers around here lately! Well I must say I always thought my girlfriends were a bit ho-ish and I was the conservative one. Now I'm reading all this number talk and I'm thinking perhaps we are all ho-ish they are just a little bit more than me. What Ive been reading as acceptable is in my opinion unrealistic.

The number. My number. I couldn't tell it. I dont even know what it is. I mean I could sit and count but I have no desire to. In my opinion as long as the number you are CURRENTLY doing isn't high, you're good!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

*giving you ladies the Jesus finger*...

I already told y'all asses the truth w/ the # game. I told you eventually all guys will ask. And when you tell him he'll multiply. But I also told y'all to divide from guys. If he tell you 180..it's only been 90.

Plus another reason I know he's lying. No guy EVER has an even number. He's either rounding up or down. Bet..lol