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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Watch Porn?!?..Oh My!

I learned quite some time ago that you can't share your porn watching habits with many males at all because in their little minds they try to judge you! I never thought that I would be sitting in a room full of men and I would be the one they are judging...lol..I'm sure they had all kinds of thoughts running through their heads when I confessed my porn watching habits but not many dared to open their mouths. A long time ago i would have thought it would have been the females in my life who would have passed judgement upon me but oooo no it alot of us who share this secret. If it wasn't for me bring up the matter at hand I don't think my friends would have ever shared how much they watch porn. I'm often surprise at the reaction I get my men when i name a porn star or say "Oh I've seen that one" I watched one of my closest male friends side eyed me and said you are not suppose to watch porn...you a girl! ya'll don't do that...*stupid face* what?!? we don't do that?! Women are the top buyers of porn, we are a little bit more open then men apparently.

I thought at first my porn watching was abnormal and that i shouldn't be but hell i got over that and continued to tune into a porno a time or two. Hell I've learned a thing or two from pornos and sometimes i watch just for the amusement purposes, where else can yo catch so much bad acting in one area besides a Tyler Perry show...yep Porn. I have heard it all from men when it comes to me watching porn, some assume that i'm just freakin any and every body, other think i'm holding some type of nasty fetish and they want to see what it is, I've been called a nympho, nasty...the list goes on and on but if they would take a step back and think about it benefits them. Now i'm saying all the males in my life have passed judgement upon me for watching porn cause some of them say shiiii, can you get my girl into or you think my chick is watching it..maybe ...maybe not but for those men who know i watch porn in my life and appreciate we have the best conversations about sex and pron ..hey sometimes you need a females understanding and insight.

Hey if porn is good for them its good for us...


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you posted this, I JUST had this conversation with my best friend who's also male. I told him that yes, I do watch porn...on my own! LOL He was shocked, assumed I was lying until I didn't deny it.

Monique said...

I don't get people passing judgement about women watching porn. I watch it like it's regular tv and oftentimes find myself rolling my eyes at the "acting". The minute you tell males you like porn, they suddenly associate that with you being a freak (behind closed doors, yes; in public, never).

I say indulge all you want. hell, recommend some of your favorite series to us other porn watchers. LOL

sunshinestar110 said...

@Kellz my male friends reacted the same way one said he didn't know if she liked bust out crying or embrace it lol

@monique YESSSSSSSS!!! i find porn very entertaining! and i will continue to watch forget those stupid boys for m=not understanding !lol

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

it's cause women watch porn wrong.

we watch porn to get off. we watch porn to fantasize. we watch porn to get off...

you ladies watch porn to test the waters. you watch porn to look at outfits. to see a dick or two. but for the most part y'all don't watch it for the real purpose. yanno how i know. cause it has no real purpose. it's not about acting. it's not about the bullet holes or bad weaves. it's not about how ugly the chicks are. it's about sex. and all the dirty nasty things yall say you like but really don't.

it's not judgement. it's just a "yea fucking right....you don't watch porn FOR REAL"...lol