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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Spanx or Not to Spanx, that is the Question

I was on twitter the other day and a certain tweet caught my attention that was rt'd by Diana boss.

RT @bereolaeque LADIES TIP: Spanx prevents intimacy.

I think I follow ole dude too but i had to miss this tweet because of course I had alot to say about it.

Now I love me some me some Spanx! Spanx has saved me a time or two from some not so pretty situation, a tight dress and something to hold me in and smooth me out...Spanx was there to make the evening right. I think this tweet made me pay attention because this man tweets often about accepting a person for who they are..hmmmmmm..anyways...I use to hide the fact that I have a Spanx on or own one because the man in my life would judge me. Hell I rip that thing off as soon as i got in the house before he arrived or I would pull it off in the car right before i entered his house. I didn't want him to know that i need extra help to look at least decent in my sexy outfits. It wasn't until my friend shared her "horror" story about her Spanx that I let that fear go. Long story cut short, she went on a date with a guy, had a great time, they went back to her place ad things at hot and heavy and she forgot she had her Spanx on....*clutches parls* She felt it and saw, she runs to bathroom takes it off and the next morning he tells her he saw her Spanx knows what it is and doesn't care! EXACTLY!! he didn't care and most men don't! After that story I decided i shall not hide my Spanx ever again...and # years later I haven't, any man i have been with since that day was very aware of my Spanx and if they didn't know what it was I taught him and he was over it before I had a chance to even sweat it at all.

Despite what alot of women think men are very less critical than we are, much less if you didn't already know and much more understanding which i had to learn from own personal experiences. They understand that we all are not perfect and can't have the body of many of those chicks that they lust over on tv, in movies and magazines. I have never have a man turn down intamcy because he saw my spanx..matter of fact for the ones i didn't pre warn about it they acted as if they didn't even see it. I personally think its all in how you deal with it, if you make it a big deal, he will make it a big deal...men really have no problem in you putting it on..whatever makes you feel sexy and look sexy the are with. And if a man is so extra concerned about the Spanx you are wearing then he is not that dude for you and if he makes a big deal about it once again he is not eh man for you...because a stand man would accpet you for who you are Spanx included. A spanx is not like a booty pop or extra push of boob...its does make something you don't have appear, it makes what you already have better.

So damn you to hell @bereolaeque for your input because hmmm yeah me and my spanx still gets it in!

and Shout out DianaBoss for inspiring this post!!! girl without you I would still be on no blog activity!


Anonymous said...

I've never worn one and I don't own one but I don't see any issue with it. I know some chicks suck and tuck so much that when they don't have it on they look like a different chick. I see how THAT might be an issue. But otherwise I don't know why anyone would care. *shrug*

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

When I started gaining weight I used to wear one of those EVERYDAY! It was as if I'd gotten addicted and would feel so fat if I didn't put it on. Eventually I weaned myself off (weaned...I swear it was a drug) I've never ran into an issue of having it on when I'm with a guy though...probably because I set up myself up on purpose if I don't want certain things to go down. I'll either put on granny panties or mis match the panties and bra so my brain knows that the clothes must stay on.

sunshinestar110 said...

@Krissy i don't think it makes you look like you have something that you don't..personally its just smooths all of it out so you don't look so bumpy

@Starrla I'm almost to the point where I want to wear mine everyday but i'm fighting the feeling.

The Notorious ZAG said...

I wear mine all the time. I wore one out a few years ago, to dinner and went home with ole boy afterwards. I dropped my skirt and there was my trusty girdle. "Whats that?" he asked, ever so earnestly. "My girdle, nigga... I'm fat." He said, "I aint never see that before." and that was the end of the conversation; [wonderful] sex happened with no problem.