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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random thoughts while being bored.....

That damn groundhog predicted spring would come early....well bitch where the hell is it?!? * puts mittens and Nothface back on*

These fuckin' gas prices are killing me...fast and breaking my pockets...somebody get Obama on the phone.

I shall admit this class i'm taking right now isn't so bad i might enjoy this school stuff or...maybe not?

Oh Bird How i miss thee...I need a good laugh, a good massage and some good.....ha! u already know

I realized this morning I was so in the wrong with something but led him to believe i was completely right....lol...i'll never tell him.

I think i offended my male friend when i told him he will not be tattooing me at all..one because all this tatts look like jail house shit and two i don't want a dragon that turns out looking like a worm...nope..i refuse!

I'm currently planning...2 baby showers, my niece's birthday party, a girl night in and my birthday!!! someone HELP ME!

if lil richmond and i don't work out i will not date a man with kids and baby mamas ever again...cuz right now...yeah i'm over him and kids and baby mamas!

I wanna buy something..what idk but i just want to order it and it be on my doorstep waiting like xmas!

I have been going to the gym and I hate it!!! with all my being and passion i hate it...

i was diagnosed with the beginning stages of diabetes...i didn't know what to think at first but it has helped me change my life and get healthy....no worries for now.

I have been apply for jobs in different cities..Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles..... I'm over DC i need a change asap..new ppl...new city new things...

I haven't a drink since January and I have given up soda...but else is left in life for me to enjoy?!?

I have never been close my cousin Ley but lately it has been me and her riding strong....I enjoy our time together she gets me...and she's mean just like me! Ha!

I went against my better instinct and got a Brazilian done...chillllleeeeeeeeee...It will never happen again..i don't care much who in the hell like its that shit is not meant for me.....

The End!


CC said...

I'm fairly new to the DMV, why so ready to leave? Although if I had the money, I would love to live in NY.
I was thinking of getting a Brazillian but was concerned. Mind me asking why you don't like it?

sunshinestar110 said...

I've been in the DMV all my life I need a change...something new... The brazillian just wasn't for me...the outcome is very cute but actually gettin' waxed smh..painful

Anonymous said...

My bestie went and got a wax over the weekend. She was like, its not that bad. Yea I'm good. 1st off if your not my man, my doc or my OB I don't want you in my lady parts. And seconds as much as it hurts waxing my eyebrows..? Yea, no thanks! Lol

I'm not planning anymore functions! I'm over it lol so I feel for u.

I'm diabetic. It really does change your life. I wish someone would have told me when I was "pre" life would be so different :(

Maybe I'm crazy because I've been in cali most of my life and couldn't imagine moving.

Drama with your dude and his exes is not the business. Even if your indirectly involved. But if you feel he's worth it, then make it work.