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Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm from the "M" in the DMV(D.C.,Maryland, and Virginia) and usually I don't really get down with all the local rappers who run around the DMV shooting bootleg videos and selling there homemade Cd's, but there one rapper from here who has really changed my whole mentality on home grown rap stars and that would be Wale'!!! So all weekend I was riding with my Wale' mixtape blasting from the speakers...Its just something about Wale'! So i decided I needed to inform the whole Blogger world of my new favorite rapper!!!!

I first met Wale' when him and i attended the same college. He use to drive me crazy, rapping all the f***ing time, walking down halls, in the food court everywhere u could count on Wale' to spit a line or two!!!....So after all these year Wale' is finally putting The DMV on the map..Thanks Wale'
and he is my ring tome on my phone..Flier than the rest of them and still got my Nike boots!!! ya'll might not know nothing about that its a DMV thing!!!!

So this is my shout out to Wale' for giving good music a hope once again....

P.S. Ok I'm a blogger virgin and I just couldn't figure out how to put a music player on here so u could hear a lil of Wale'.


luvleeme83 said...

I'm from the DMV too!! and I love Wale'!! lol

Anonymous said...

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