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Friday, June 26, 2009

When are u having one....

"When are u having one of your own?!" those are words my Aunt Toosie said to me last night and for the past 5 yrs of my life she will drop that line in once or twice a year to see were my head is at. Babies, Babies, Babies...that seems to be on every ones minds for me this year. From my father who said to me a couple of months ago..let me get my deep grown man voice on for you real quick.hmmmm..." Baby D, I ain't getting no younger or faster so you and "Bird" need to have a baby or two before I get senile and slow!"...What old man! are you serious?!...and then it was my Bff Robbie who called to inform me that while he's in law school in Miami that I need to work on having a baby for him to spoil. Aunt V, called two days ago to ask "Are you pregnant yet? Your biological clock is ticking, don't wait to long.." Okay people whats the deal?? Why are babies the new topic for me and my family. I remember when I got the "talk" when i was 16 and my cousin who was also 16 too got pregnant and my mother made it seem like the plague and i needed to stay way from her and her growing belly. I'm 26 yrs old...no sons, no daughters and i thought i was doing good, better than most of my female cousins. All of them have beaten me out in the race of babies, even the ones that are a few years younger than me have got there mommy badges and moved on..me on the other hand I just bask in there glory...better them than me. Don't get me wrong i love children and I do want a baby or two but not right now, My life is too hectic to add a baby into the equation and i thought my family knew that but.....I guess not. I want to be stable and ready for a baby not winging it. I want to finish up school, get a career not a job, have a house with a picket fence, and a MAN of course, a husband not a boyfriend. When i told all these things to Aunt Toosie, she laughed and laughed and said by the time you do all that you'll be about 40!!!! and it will be too late!! Thanks Aunt Toosie for all the support!!! Babies are wonderful gifts from god and i want to be able provide my child with with the best and right now is just not the time for that beside i need to line up a boyfriend before I even can think about marriage or babies and BOYFRIENDS are a whole different story!! My friends are beginning to have babies and be mommies, so even more added pressure. Me..I'm think am just going to stick to the Auntie roll!!!! The kids like her better anyway!!!


khaki said...

and thats why i refuse to talk to the old people in my family....I have a son but i've seen how they can question the occupancy of ones uterus. Have a child when youre ready not when someone else feels like you should. That same person asking a million questions will be the same one avoiding you when you need a babysitter smh

Lady Dee said...

I understand the pressure of your friends having babies. A lot of my Jr. High and High School friends are either married, have kids, or both and I'm only 23. My parents though are in no rush to be grandparents though. But I do get the "why are you still single?" question. Drives me crazy. Sometimes you want to say, Can you let me be? I'll do things on my own time. Goodness. Don't let them rush you girl cuz in the end they ain't with you when the kids are driving you crazy.