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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You're Just A Girl!!!

OK..so today I had lunch with some of my fave men...Cousin Bryan, God brother Jermaine and friend Geordan I can always count on them for advice. So we get to talking about The NBA finals and who got game who doesn't. Well, since I was brought up on b-ball I chimed in with my thoughts , everything is going well until good ole Geordan blurts out...."You are just a girl!!! You shouldn't know sports"
Me being the smart ass that i am I say" Fuck you Geordan!! you just mad I know more than the average male!" okay so that's when all hell broke loose...not that anyone was mad they know and love me, I just didn't want to have this tired ass discussion with them but looks like we were and we did.

My group of fave men continued on with there rant and rave about me and how I need to change so I can.. and I quote"HAVE A MAN AND NOT BE ALONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!"...How rude wrong. They me told me if ever want that million dollar athlete husband that I want I need to work .I choose to be alone..well...I'm saving my heart for Bird which we all know that!! They spoke on a lot of "ISSUES" they say i have like....Being MEAN..OK OK i do confess, I'm not the Nice's person at times. I can be pretty damn mean and i blame some of that on my surroundings. I grew up running with the boys so it was do or die with them, u either hold your own or keep it moving...so some of my smartness and meanness...is that word? comes from always being the only girl and standing up for myself. Even as I got older they were still mean to me, they said it would pay off in the end and it did a lil. Now I take no shit and can hold my own!! so I accept my meanness? and I'm working on being a little nicer!!! Secondly, they bring up that i am very knowledgeable about Sports. OK well my bad..I love sports always have and always will..especially Basketball!!! They informed me that no man wants a girl who is too sports savvy!!!! They want to be the ones who know everything and u depend on him for knowledge not him depending you....That's funny i thought men wanted a women who could watch sports with them Actually know what going on..My male support group enlighten me sports is there thing and they don't want a GIRL to be apart of that!!! Last but not least they said I'm TOO INDEPENDENT or which Jermaine happily stated that some times I'm too STRONG MINDED!! Were they serious???...I was just brought up to know that u never depend on a man for anything...not just men don't depend on ANYONE for anything!!! Go for it yourself. Its better to be let down by your own self than someone else. I guess some guys feel that all these things are threats. I guess that's why I haven't had an worth while boyfriend in YEARS!!!! I thought that all these things set me apart from the rest..I thought it made me stand out more but I guess I was wrong they said someone with money just isn't going to stand for it!!! lol...that's all i could do was LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

Well, maybe they are right!!! maybe i will be a lonely smart ass, sport savvy independent women for the rest of my life!!! which doesn't sound to bad to me!! the only conclusion i could come up with from this that BOYS ARE STUPID!!!!!!


E's said...

Listen to those guys that love you... Honestly, they know what they're talking about. LOL. I like your blog.

K. Michel said...

I'd have to agree.

It's cool that you know sports, Miss Sunshine ...definitely a smooth, unique asset that sets you apart. But if you make it seem like you know more than your man; that's just asking for problems, babe.

It's emasculating.

Yeah, I'd say strong-minded is a turn off as well ...only because there's a thin line between being "strong-minded" and being "stubborn".

At the end of the day, it's all about balance and compromise. You give me a little room, I give you a little room. It's a beautiful thing.

Tamika Nicole said...

Girl....I like ur blog and thanx for following... But I must say that picture is hilarious..."Boys are stupid, just throw rocks at them." LMAO

But yea what those guys said is true. I've heard it time and time again from many of my guy friends. :( It's a shame. But think of it like this... Wouldn't you get freaked out if ur man knew more about ballet then u did? It just ain't right... lol (That probably wasn't the best example) I'm just have mixed feelings about the whole situation

msjjohnson1 said...

I second your opinion girl i am the exact same way!!!...lol...love the blog, love the picture it's hilarious