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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friends!!...How many of us have them????

Friends are something I always had especially in my younger days when I had more Friends than i can count, but now at 26 yrs old my friend circle has dwindled to only a few. Out of that few only a chosen couple are my true friends.

Loyalty is one of the biggest factors i live my life by and value my friendships with, but i learned that some of my "friends" weren't as loyal as me. I have always been open about my life with my friends. I have whole another friendship circle outside of them that consist of my boys I grew up with. I keep those worlds separate for a reason. I grew up in a not so nice area so i grew up with boys who turned to the streets for support. Some of my female friends didn't experience the life that i lived so they don't really get it.
Because of this i make it a point to keep them in two different worlds. I always stress to them that I prefer for them not to date them just give me my space when i 'm not with them I like to be one of the boys minus the girls. I thought everyone understood this because we have been friends for so long but i guess one of them missed the memo. S.D. took it upon herself to go behind my back pursue one of them...well at least she thought it was behind my back!!! I wasn't mad about the situation i was mad behind the betrayal. When i comforted her about it she basically brushed me off and haven't talked since...one month later...so my friend circle just got smaller......

Now me and T.C. have been through alot over the past 7 yrs. from sneaking out to meet boys to being there for her when she found out she was pregnant. I thought our friendship was air tight but i guess i was wrong. It all started the moment she got a lil boy toy and things took a turn for the worse. Our friendship became far and in between. She later told one other friend that I can't relate to her because i have no children and no boyfriend so we have nothing to talk about! OK children maybe not but Boyfriend??? I think not. I choose to be single..I'm trying to make a better singular before I can make a better plural. When i say we don't talk at all i mean nothing!! I might send her a text once in a while ...which she doesn't answer..but at least i tried. Last week she wrote this very amusing blog...about friends and we all knew she was taking about me and its cool. You live and You learn. 2 down the circle just got smaller!!!

So to my remaining friend which isn't many. Thank you guys for always remaining loyal and there for me when i thought i couldn't do it anymore. Thank you for always remaining constant in a world of change!!! I love you guys.


♥Porscha said...

thats dumb my bf has a boyfriend and we still can relate!! that was just a cop-out she probably was jealous but finding true friends is hard !

msjjohnson1 said...

so damn tru...i haven't had much female friends i hang more with the guys females just have so much problems not meaning to offend anyone but if you're real you will understand what i mean, but i am aware of what friends (mostly female) can do...

Anonymous said...

i hate females. their always on some bullshit. thats why i fuck w only a few. & how she gon say that yall cant relate bc she has a byfrnd, bitch bye. i can understand the kid part, but a boyfriend, she'll be calling you when u he leave her ass, trust me, i just went thru that w one of my "friends"