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Friday, June 19, 2009

Worthless..back at it again!!!

"Worthless" and I have been on do not call, text or email thing for awhile now...He owes me money and if you are not calling because you want to give it to me...then don't contact me at all. On Monday he sends me a text(he's a Bitch...doesn't have enough balls to call me like a man) saying I'll have your money on Thursday so i never have to see you again!!! Cool...that's all i want from him anyway, but and yes there is a but I know his worthless ass all to well so that text was to buy him some time before I take his ass to small claims court for my money plus interest...So the next time I see his crazy ass is when I'm on my way to work and walk outside and he is sitting on my car with basketball shorts and beater like he's been waiting on me all night...which he might have I was clearly somewhere else with someone who can do me right instead of your lame just can't find the hole ass...anywhoo...he starts ranting on about how i won't talk or answer his facebook messages..I said nothing got to my car door and said ...Street code..get familiar with it!!! LMAO and I never heard from him until...THURSDAY!!!! NowI wasn't going to call him or text him asking for my money because I'm above that!!! You know you owe me money and you would want to pay me before I distory your life and your credit...Plz ask about me!!!! needless to say he send yet another text trying to buy himself yet more time..but the clock has run out boo boo..sorry..he tried to convince me that he was at JOB TRAINING...Ha!! now that is funny i have known him for 3 years and he has never held down a job...I mean never maybe worked a couple months at a time but never on a regular basis. So me being the mean bitch i can be i say..

Me: and??? what does that have to do with me
I'm trying to better myself, i have been through alot this year and u know that.
well good for u so where is my money? Its cool I'll see you in court so you can have all my money plus interest you ass hole..GAMEOVER..
You are such an ugly person you should work on the inner you!!! (now I'm thinking is this Nigga serious!! he can't be)
boy plz...u must not know the inner me is just as a bitch..u fuckin' asshole...lol..
You will get your money when i give it to you
really...I hope its soon for your sake and i hope u beat the court date cuz I'm over you and this game u play!!! You ain't shit and a bitch that's why you textin this bull and not calling me with it!!!
U acting like bitch right now
fuck u...dirty bastard!
did that and it was the worse. (so right about now I'm laughing because I'm about too hurt his feelings)
and....do u think the dick was good cause it wasn't. I got tired of Bird coming along an fixin' what u messed up!! and Bird been ridin' the ride for seven years so maybe you should work your inner self. step your sex game up u lame ass nigga.

U talk big shit for such a little nigga..this convo is over before I have you on the floor cryin' and side note if I'm a bitch, YO MAMA IS A BITCH!! Holla at me!!

and it ended with that. Now Worthless is not built from the same cloth as me!! He talks Big Boy business like he's a force to to reckoned with but this is the same man I had standing on my front steps with tears running down his cheeks when I put some real Big boys on his ass and he wanted me to call it off..he was tired of watching his back!!! and sure don't know why..lol..i never sent anyone after him just had him thinking so...mind control man...lol..mind control its funny how people change up when things get real!! So bright and early Monday morning its off the the lawyers office to get started with my case which I'm sure to win and just to be the bitch i can be its off to the police station to file for a restraining order..just to add a lil fuel to the fire. He sent me a text this morning Saying I should watch my back in these streets cuz anything can happen to me!!!!..so i responded with Thanks for the warning....lol...good ole Worthless what I do without his comedy once in awhile!

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♥Porscha said...

damn, hope your get your money!!

shit like this u cant let go teach a lame ass like this a lesson..