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Monday, June 15, 2009

I love Him..He loves me not???

So, after a short wait i;m back in business!!!! anywhooo....Love and I did brake up...well kinda broke up. I let high school, inmate and worthless go and gone they are but there is one Love i can never seem to shake..BIRD!!! my heart belongs to him no matter how many years pass, how many boyfriends i get and still love bird!!!

I met "Bird" hmmmm...maybe about 7yrs. ago, I was sitting at my aunts house with room full of million dollar men and he was all i wanted. He was the one I didn't know. My cuzzo i got drafted a 1 year before i met him so i was use to all these NBA players being around and knew how they all rolled...nasty ass hell..so i stayed clear of them.They were good for entertainment and that's it. But to make a long story short we met...became friends , which my cousin was not to happy about and now we are at present day....

My relationship with "Bird" is the best of every aspect..we have great chemistry, good friendship, and the grown up stuff we do is spectacular too!! it can't get no better than this. For the past 7 years i have been apart of his world for every street ball game in the hood...I've been there, every random celebrity basketball game he has played in..I've been there and for every time he has left me and went over seas to play ball..I've been there to email and talked to while he adjusted in a new country I have given more of me than I give most boyfriends. As the years have passed i have loved him from a distance.....*sigh well i have always loved him and now that I'm older i want my love from a distance to be so much more. Bird is all i truly want...don't get me wrong i still do me and do my own thing. I go on dates and have had a couple a boyfriends over the years but my heart still lies with Bird!! When I'm not with him, I want to be..When I'm with someone else I'm thinking about when i can get away to see Bird...goosh...I think I got it bad...real bad!!!! I have find myself calling him if we haven't spoken in a couple of days just to hear his voice....I recently discovered that if i catch him at the right moment...like leaving the club, wrapping up a long work day or finishing up a basketball game he'll come over and fall asleep in my bed and I get to spend one more day with him...lol...Does that sound crazy?? he is everything i ever wanted in a man..tall, dark, handsome, well educated, has a job, loves Basketball and can put it down in the bedroom..Bird is what my future husband should be.

So while i may love him...IDK if he loves me back!!! I tell him from time to time that he ever found a girlfriend i would be so heart broken...he laughs me off and says"our love is too strong for that!!, so if i do u will be forever apart me!" TRUE...maybe but I hope that time never comes. My friend have suggested maybe I should tell him about how I feel toward him about how he is all i can think of...but I did once and it didn't go off as well as I wanted it to. We smiled and laughed me off like a pure joke.it bruised my soul!!!! and now i just leave it be..maybe I'm just too scared that if we talk about it again he'll leave me alone and I'll lose him...i know at 26 that should not be part of my fears but it is!!!

I love him and he loves me not..So what is a girl suppose do???

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Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...

OMGOSH!! Im in a similiar situation only he KNOWS that I love him more than anyone...AND its been 7 years. Im moving on but its hard to give your heart to someone new when someone else has a choke hold on it.