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Friday, October 23, 2009

Afternoon Delight....

Shout out Traci Lavette for this one....She luv him and I do too!

Mr. Khalil Kain..I first fell in love with him back in the 90's when my sister was in love with Tupac and we watched Juice..against my mothers wishes but what can i say we were rebels! I saw his little light skin self playing Raheem and it was love at first sight! the funny thing is I don't really do light skin, I like em dark but Khalil made the cut!


T-Charry said...

oooooh, I remember him, and I LOVED that movied, that was SO SAD when he died! He looks GOOD!

Anonymous said...

He was really good on Girlfriends. He made it bearable to watch. Do you remember when he was on Living Single for a couple of episodes? Soo cute!

JStar said...

YESSSSSSSSS Girl I have had a crush on him for yearsss, every since New Jack City and then Juice...Mmmnn tasty lol.

Epitome said...



I love me some him, even to this day

Traci Lavette said...

See girl! You don let OUR cat out the bag LOL!!!

See now we gotta be sharin with JStar, Epitome LOL! We need to start us a fan club b/c I don't the man has one *smiling*

Conni3...as childish as it is, I used to fantasize that it was me he was coming home to when it was Mya LOL!!! Sad, I know. But it is what it is :-)

@T-Charry...your comment made me laugh b/c I used to date this guy that looked dead on him and we were at the bowling alley one night and my cousin and some of her friends came in. She walks over to the table and says "I was so sad when you died in Juice". I was embarrassed as hell! I knew it wasn't him and tried to tell her that, but she went on and on and on. All he could do was laugh.

Anonymous said...

i love juice!! speaking of which, i loaned it out and aint seen it since... smh. but he is so cute! LOVE JONES!! even tho he made me mad in that movie!!! i got a chance to see him im person and with the looks... he's a nice person :)

☆Reese✮ said...

*hangs head* him cute, but my heart was so stolen by Omar and Tupac in that movie...oh lawd *fanning face*