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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like Me..But Don't Like Me Too Much..

SOOOOOOOOOOOO...that heffa Epitome recently wrote a blog about yours truly called{If I was a boy} but I still love her!!!

OK now I feel like I need to speak on this cause...hhhmmmmm...cuz I wanted to...sorry? My friend came down from Pennsylvania lets call him Phillay. I met him at one of my friends birthday get togethers and he happens to be his cousin...still don't know how I feel about that yet but we shall see. I have been talking to him for a couple of weeks and he decided to make a trip down here(DC) to boo love wit me before he leaves to work in Connecticut for 3months *sad face* Everything about him is what I want in a man...smart, homeowner..multiple homes, successful, funny and understands my attitude which can be an challenge..Well once I came to conclusion that I was feeling him, i told him that I was not having sex...Celibate, until i was in an committed relationship...LMAO.ok so i know I shouldn't have but I needed to see if this was gonna be something real or was he just trying touch me coo coo? He was well aware of this before he boarded the train, but he continued to come and see me. I guess he was cool with it...I mean he surly had no choice. When he gets here I mean boo is straight giving me the business putting his hand on my lower back, smelling good and looking fly...boo had me wanting to sex him up something wonderful I stuck to my game plan. We go to dinner and Phillay is ordering up the alcohol and me being me I keep throwing them back like its no thing. I shorty realized that he was trynna get me drunk!!! oh really...Little did he know was baby girl can hold her own and thats what i did..humph..After it all was said and done the bill comes and Phillay drops $205 on ya girl...sorry?... Needless to say even after all the drinks and flirting he still didn't get to touch my coo coo, breath on it, smell it nothing for him and baby boy knew that was going to be the outcome before he tried to liquor me up. what makes this s*** even more funnier is he gave me all that extra attention and I straight was cuddling and loving up somebody else the night that he left..rude? maybe.... but its not like I planned to ....it just happened dang. I kinda felt guilty for Phillay putting in so much work and I shared my love...not sex with someone else...just reaping the reward of flirting and all that jazz. But in my defense I never not once lead that man on to believe that anytime of sexual activity will occur and he respected that. I guess he likes me more than i thought and on a side note: I like him *girly squeals* but I'm not to physically attracted to him. I mean he doesn't make me wanna jump his ass when he walks into a room but as my boo's Khaki and Eptiome said that will come ! hopefully it will cuz if not......we all know how it will end.


Epitome said...

I love the little sayings we come up with whilst on the phone with each other.

But um yeah, he did what he should have done which was not make a move...I'm just saying...it it were ME...and I was a boy...we woulda been fucking lol

Lipglass and Handbags said...

RIGHT! He did exactly what he should have done, I like the no sex move keeps sh real and in perspective!!! Problem is Im in the same situation with flyy one from Jersey...I'M SPRUNG!!! Girl, i'm glad you had fun, keep it up and don't feel bad about bunnin someone else Niggs do it all the time!!!