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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm A Flirt!!!!!

*queuing R.Kelly*

So that's what I am a Flirt and a big flirt so I've been told. When R.Kelly put out his famous hit I'm a flirt those lyrics were definitely me Imma, Imma, Imma, Imma A Flirt
Soon As I See Her Walk Up In The Club (Imma A Flirt)
Winkin Her Eyes At Me, When I Roll Up On Them Dubs (Imma A Flirt) ....lol... But as I have gotten older I've learned that I flirt so much I don't even know I'm doing it...Sorry? My sister tells me all the time when we were younger I use to flirt and hang all over her little boyfriend...but i clearly don't remember this at all....SSSSSSSHHHHHH!!! I'm lying I did and I do remember. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends brought my flirting to my attention..

Her: U were clearly flirting with him
Me: What?!? No I wasn't
Her: hmmm yes u were!
Me: U are clearly mistaken..I was being nice.
Her: Heffa plz.. Nice? U? U was all laughing in his face...touching his arm and chest and shit BITCH! U was giving him the business!
Me:Oh no, was I?

So It was after this convo that I sat back and reevaluate the situation at hand...and maybe she is a lil right!! LOL..maybe I do flirt so much that I'm unaware of it, but its not always flirting to get a guys attention or flirting to get a free drink...I flirt with everybody ask my Friends they will definitely tell u so. I flirt wit my Friends all the time..no homo.. I mean I baby them call em boo and pooh all those little things of endearment that's me. My gay Friend even brought it to my attention that I flirt wit him and all his friends all the time...we hold hands and always love each other up...I find that funny now as I think about it cuz I know him and his crew don't want any of my cookies maybe that's why flirting with them is so easy. I guess this is one of the major reason me and my boyfriends never seem to work out. I have had one who made my flirting a big deal the others just sat back and watched, some felt some type of way about it, others didn't. One thing I can say is that I was never really aware of how much I flirted until Redz brought it to my attention. he said while we were together he watched me flirt alot wit alot of different people but It never bothered him cause he knew where my heart lied but for others it might have been a problem!....Yeah maybe!! My flirting has got me in trouble a time or two..Like the time I thought I was being friendly wit these chicks at the Gay club with my friend Nathan but clearly they thought more of it and was on me all night long.. :/ It took Nate and his boyfriend to talk them out of trying to make me there bitch...lol...and then it was the ugly dude when we were in Cali...awwwww...I felt sorry for boo and gave him a word or two but unannounced to me I must have touched his arm one to many times because he was trying to come visit me in DC before the train ride back to my brothers house was over....lol...Oh the things I get myself in to!! I also have the bad habit of getting my friends to flirt with guys for me...LMAO....I use to get my bff to email or tweet guys i thought was cute with wat i wanted her to say and she did and then they thought she was trynna holla....sorry again? After sitting back and reflectinng on my bad habit I think in 2010 I'm gonna try and change my ways for the best! I guess one day I do wanna be somebodies boo or girlfriend or maybe even a wife one day wow...that's amazing I just said that out loud crazy!!!!! So I'm saying I'm just gonna have to cut back my flirt shit!! maybe need to get popped in my mouf every time it happens...sorry?..cuz I know its gonna happen!

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**5 Star Chick** said...

Girl Im guilty of being a Flirt also. I do the same thing and sometimes im unaware of it at the moment until i sit and go over everything that i did. And i flirt w/ my girls too call them Honey and Boo, or Sweetie but that's just one of my traits. I also sometimes see a cute guy and tell 1 of the girls to wink or strut pass them. Thats just how i am