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Monday, July 6, 2009

We forget so fast.....

Last Night. while watching T.V. a New subway commercial featuring Michael Phelps came on and A bubble popped up in my head isn't that the same Micheal Phelps who the world saw smoking weed? How quickly we forget about his indiscretions and let him move on with his life as normal. I just find so strange how the media will forgive a white athletes for their law breaking behavior but paint African American Athletes as monster for the rest of there lives.

We rarely hear about the Matt Jones'(drug possession), Brad Miller's(drug possessions), and Teddy DuPay's(rape and kidnapping) of the world, but you can easily find all the Micheal Vick's, Pacman Jones' and Barry Bonds' with no problems!! So are black Athletes the only one who get DUI's, Drug possession and steroid charges? or Does the world only care because they are African American? What example are we setting for the youth of today? Are we telling them that getting in trouble is only a problem when your skin is a little darker then your team mates? Don't get me wrong I don't condole any of there actions no matter who they are but we hand down harder sentences for the crimes of African American Athletes.

Mike Vick is a perfect example of this. He got one of the hashes sentences for cruelty animals. He served 2 years of his life for this crime and if he had abused his child the law only states a 30 day sentence, But forever Mike will have to wear the label of being a "Bad Athlete" for the rest of his life the world and the media will betray him as a monster but we give Michael Phelps can new endorsement deal?!...I don't get it..... We all saw the photo and we all heard him admit his guilt..So what made forgiving him so much more easier?? We all have watched many African American Athletes loss it all for there crimes and then watch some of there team mates continue on with careers after committing the same crimes we just all seem to forget about them. Why are black athletes scrutinized much more than white athletes?

Now, I'm not saying this because I'm racist I'm far from that, I just felt the need to get this off my chest....


Lady Dee said...

I'm with u gurl. Its all about this world's racial perception. Just doesn't seem fair does it? I wish our athletes would catch a clue and stop doing the foolishness. They have a lot more to lose than their non-colored counterparts.

luvleeme83 said...

I just had this same convo with my girls. I tell my husband all the time u have to watch what u do more than other athletes because when you do wrong the whole world knows and may never forgive. I wish our athletes would just slow it down s


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