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Friday, July 17, 2009

Back again.....

Now this week it must have been some type on conspiracy the Ex-Boyfriends are back in full affect....First it was Bug now another has resurfaced,,Lets call him Turtle...I'm trying to keep the animal theme alive Khaki...lol.. Now Turtle and i haven't really talking in like 4 years I met him when he was playing college football and was the roomie of my god brother. Long story short...He blow up one day turned into this amazing football player, the girls begin to love him, he cheated on me, we broke up, he got drafted and here we are now....a lil side note his sex was WHACK!!! now back to the story.. Turtle is still Friends with my god brother and I see him from time to time but I give him nothing but a head node. So yesterday while i was trying to get my work out on the god brother calls says come thru help me back for my move to MIA so problem. I arrive and there he is Turtle with his sexy ass his sex was terrible but he was so nice to look at and now that he has been working out its even better. So once again so face time just the head nod and I continue on to help back. Around 10 I calll it a nite and headed on out, my phone rings shortly after and its Turtle...Why you leave so fast?.. i didn't. What u ain't want to see me? Turtle I'm good you good, why u acting like that? acting!!! lol..I'm not acting. Whatever girl! lets meet up for lunch tomorrow I'm throwing a party Friday night u should come through. Now this all very surprising to me Turtle has seen me a thousand times in four years and hasn't said more than one words to me which is cool I like it better that way. Anywhoo, I'm trying to figure him out and his motives..Why now turtle? why me? he has his share of hoes because I see him the gossip site on a regular getting it in with some chick...so what makes u want to bounce back! I don't know how i feel about this attack of the ex-boyfriends thing that is going on. Somebody must have told them something good about me !! Wonder what that was. I asked my god brother 100 questions about this Turtle Thing but that ass hole didn't really give me too much and i know he is holding out some very good info. One thing is for sure we are going to lunch today.. I never turn down a free meal and maybe I can pick his Brain about what really good. As for the party tonight I'm already trying to find something cute to wear.I got to look my best for all the million dollar men who will be there. I might find my future million dollar ex husband!!!!!


K. Michel said...

Haha, it's that time of the year babe. Remember though, ex's are ex's for a reason... just keep it at a manageable level.

The last thing we want (for anybody) is heartbreak, right?

Lady Dee said...

Lol @ I might find my future million dollar ex husband!!!!! That reminded me so much of my sister.

Have fun but I echo K. Michel they wouldn't be an ex if there wasn't a reason. Tread lightly but I never turn down a free meal either. Lol.