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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So very bored....

Well, I'm at work right now and i am so so very bored and I have nothing at all to blog about!! Let me see if i can think of something..hhhhhhmmmmm..........nope , nothing! my weekend was so eventful. Friday I broke down and went with my friends to the club so they get in free and party in V.I.P. with the money makers but I didn't stay long i got in danced once or twice, drank a free drink and then I was out of the door 2 hours tops. I did see Turtle because I was his party we chatted for a few and then I stepped off before the gold digger, future trophy wives, and hoochie mamas spotted us talking they can just smell money a mile away. I got up out of there and went over to Bugs house and I prayed I could I hold my own and not give in to the D*** and i didn't !!! *taking a bow and waving to the crowd. It was hard that thing is something sexy but I put my game face on and stood my ground but we are suppose to go to the movies on Friday and i can't make you any promises about this time around!! LMAO. Saturday was kinda bring shopping with my best friend is crying ass god son which made it so enjoyable and then L.M. came over...Ha..I don't talk about him at all maybe because i couldn't find a suitable animal name for him...lol...but he's around I don't know about his ass though he kind of throws me for loops but that a whole other blog..maybe some time soon..Sunday spent it with Bird watching him play basketball and laughing with his best friend Goat about all the craziness we were seeing!!!! and that it was. Plus he was trying to keep me busy so i would see all the groupies showing Bird love!! its cool i think its flattering. So my life has been very uneventful and boring.
I did have the best chicken wings and mumbo sauce ever of all time..side note.... i was wondering if they have mumbo sauce in other places??? makes me think...I have to research that in a few...lol..I just had to share that!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry no mambo sauce in other places!! Just a DMV thing!! *tear falls