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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disappearing Act

I know I always talk about Bird being the love of my life blah,blah but besides him there was only one other man who I had strong feelings for Bug! I met Bug maybe like 6 years ago and I knew I had to have him so I conquered and we were on and off for about 5 yrs. Now fast forward to present day...Bug and I haven't talked in almost a year. He has the bad habit of getting a girlfriend and doing a big disappearing act..hints the title. So the last time I talked to Bug he was trying to convince me that him and whatever flava of week are not an item but like my Girl Khaki said the Internet will get you in trouble and that it did, damn Facebook sure sold Bug out. Needless to say I took a break from him but whenI decided that his girlfriend was his problem not mine now she was pregnant!!!!! and Bug disappeared once again. Now on Monday while i was at work not working at all, good oleBug hit me up on FB, talking about we need to hang out call him. So I was so very curious about what made Bug reappear so u know i called him...LLS.... So little small talk here on there ..he told me he had a baby girl and that him and her mother are no longer together...yyyeeeesss!. Now how did i know that..because I know Bug!! For the 5 or 6 years of friendship with benefits he has always gone M.I.A when he gets a new girlfriend and like always I sit back and wait for him to come back. Well, this last time I promised myself that my time with Bug was over, friends always but all of that other stuff is over for us!!! deep down inside i was hoping that he would be with her forever so i wouldn't have the temptation of him..but i guess no one heard that pray because here he is back in full affect and I don't know what to do. Now a part of me says he's all bad he is just going to do what he always does..we get it in from time to time, go out from time to time and no commitment and then will find himself a girl of interest and Sunshine is back on the back burner. Now the other side of me says so what you know how he goes just sex him up like you know you want too and continue with what you have going on no strings attached but that is easier said than done!!! So me being the sucker for a big d*ck and Great sex I was suckered into coming pass his house on Friday!!!! Now how I got myself into that I'll never know but we have a date!!! So I'm trying my best to just keep this strictly friendly but I don't know how much will power i have!!!!! LOL....So plz pray for me!!!


khaki said...

uh huh, uh huh... i said that shit. The internet is Satin in a little box with a mouse and a key board. I tell you- facebook gets niggas caught the fuck up.

Now... whats up with you and these animal nicknames for niggas? bug, bird, swine??? I think I need to do something that like that. Maybe all my hoes will be cars. oh wells.

Enjoy the date but resist the fuck stick... resist the fuck stick or else you may end up laying in the wet spot asking yourself "why?".

khaki said...

okay- that shouldve been SATAN not satin. damn blogger and my inability to spellcheck in the comments section.

sunshinestar110 said...

LLS@khaki..I just realized that do name them after the animal kingdom!! lol..maybe i should work on that! I'm going to try my hardest not to give in the the fuck stick bcuz laying in the wet spot and asking why? is not what I'm trying to do!

Lady Dee said...

Girl, I'll throw up a prayer for ya.
Remember girl, lock it down. Clink clink.

I Amen the facebook telling on ya. When will they learn? *smh*