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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poor Lil Tink Tink

Bug has been going at me hard lately but I'm trying to hold my ground and not fall into his world of sex and lies. The last time I got wrapped up in his ass he sat in my house texting another girl and vowed that she wasn't anything just a friend!!! A month later their a couple living together and having a baby...I know right! Now that he is newly single and not AWOL anymore I guess he needs a friend..lol..I went over his house yesterday even after I told myself I wasn't and chilled with him, everything was cool at first watched a little TV, laughed and then he said it.....I'm like in heat..*giving the side eye...and so....what does that have to do with me? is that why you invited me over? so you could try to give me the d***!!! those all the things i was thinking at the time of his public announcement. Now in 2009 I have swore off Bug and his magic stick even though I could use some of that I refuse to give in to him once again for 1,000th time!! now for the rest of the evening I kept my distance away from him and his in heat self. We watched a movie I sat on the floor which was a bad move cuz he sure joined my ass. Then i moved to arm chair which kept me safe until I realized that i couldn't see the damn TV very well from over there and had to move. I played musical chair for a little while longer before I decided enough is enough and got ready to roll out on his ass before I got myself into trouble so I thought. In my head I started to have an mental battle with my alter ego Remi...don't judge me!! lol..and she was all for getting some of that good stuff so I gave in... I know I know don't say nothing!....and it was on!!!! and then like a saving grace his phone rings and its his friend who is outside waiting to be buzzed in YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Somebody must have knew that I was breaking down and didn't want me to lose the battle!!!Shout to Bug's Cock blockin' friend!! I'm Forever in debt to you!!! LMAO..So needless to say Bug didn't get to fulfill his need....Awwwww...Poor lil Tink,Tink!!! You can't win them all!


khaki said...

shouldnt have taken your lil fast ass over there no way. hmmpf

sunshinestar110 said...

@Khaki. and right u are!! I have learned my lesson!!! lol..

Necole said...

Loved this post!
Glad you were saved by that phone call lol....

Tawayna said...

OMG! I know you were like "Thank You, Jesus". I have had temptations such as yours before and found out that afterwards I felt like crap because I knew that I was only being used by this person whom I could not let go. That was a sign that it is time to "Let it go"!