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Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's call him "Hood Rat", because that's all he turned out to be a straight ain't never been no where, done nothing kind of nigga!! I met him through a friend , who i knew I shouldn't have trusted since she is almost twice divorced but, I did!! and I let her give him my number. Everything was cool at first, you know how it is when u are getting to know someone. He got a lot of cool points for being tall and dark...that's how i like them, he can deal with my attitude and understand I live a busy life so my time is valuable. Everything was everything until we started to discuss a time and place we could meet for lunch. So I started throwing ideas he started shooting them all down and he than he said it....he said the words that would grant him his dismiss from the team... LETS GO TO RED LOBSTER!!!!!....Boy are you serious!!! Red Lobster though! come on homie that's what we was doing in 95' ok ok maybe 99' those good ole high school years I'm so much more valuable than red lobster. So Hood Rat continues on with his praises to the "best seafood joint ever", now i can see that main man has not done anything with his life since High school. Apparently he like to eat frozen seafood but a girl like me likes her shit fresh!!!! There are so many good quality seafood restaurants and you pick hood ass Red Lobster. At this moment I knew Hood Rat was just that a Hood Rat! I'm tried to give dude benefit of the doubt and suggest different places cuz This Girl right here refuses to eat red lobster maybe back in my hay day I would have, now think not!!! I suggest something basic the Cheesecake factory..he says i don't like there food..okay may be you ordered something bootleg but cool. Ruth Chris steakhouse...I can't get down with steak..things aren't looking good for him now....this is his last saving grace before i cut his ass off...Benihana....what's that?...a Japanese steak house.....I don't eat Jap food!?! Dude, Jap food? u have to be kidding me. it ain't nothing but fried rice, noodles, veggies and chicken!!! how can you go wrong with that.Divorcee, she really set me up with this hood piece!!! I have had my share of hood rat dudes but even they have a little more class than his ass. Some of the hoodest dudes i know i have took me the best restaurants and upgraded my life but this joint is about to get lost in the wind!!!!

Now me being a believer in equal opportunity I giveHood rat a chance and we went to this little steak house near my house that i know he could find something to eat there and just when I thought everything was going well it was time to order....... and things got bad. So he our rude ass waiter asks for drink order he orders....Margarita please..sugar or salt?? along pause follows....I don't know whatever..sir its your choice...hmmmmm... another long pause sugar i guess. I just stare at him blankly how hard was it to pick sugar or salt it is not a life changing experiences just pick one damn...now i thought we were over the big hurdle and he could fin for himself i was mistaken.... Can i take your order....yes the BBQ chicken...onion or plain? he laughs loud...idk...what your sides?....hmmmm long pause again..it doesn't matter..just give me whatever. Needless to say I placed his order for him because i was getting high irradiated and so was the waiter. Excuse me Hood rat have u ever been out into the world? ever placed an order at a restaurant? ordered a alcohol beverage every in your life? because right now you are killing me. The food came i ate, left the convo at a minimal and he paid the bill..a good tipper but A hood rat indeed. He has called repeatedly since Saturday and I'm over him!!! I'm not a high priced bitch but damn boo a girl deserves more than red lobster!!! much better. I have paid my dues and served my time in the world of men I deserve to be treated for my accomplishments!! Hood Rat will officially get no more of my time a girl can not be sitting at red lobster and shit. As for my twice divorced friend she has been put on the restricted list with her match maker skills!!!

Hood Rat....FAILED!!!!!


khaki said...

now you acting like you dont fucks with red lobster LMAO...

niggas are so funny. Fresh as shit but order the same bullshit when they go to a restaurant. I can imagine him sitting there stumped as hell trying to figure out if he want a salty drink or a sugary drink.

sunshinestar110 said...

CTFU!@Khaki. Don't do me like that!! i worked hard to get beyond red lobster and his ass was just trying to be cheap!! Don't be fresh to death and try to take me to the Mickey D of the seafood world!

Anonymous said...

lol@Khaki...I see where u coming from they would rather look right then pay for a good meal. When will men learn??

Anonymous said...

DAMN i did not know so many ppl HATED Red Lobster. I hate to say it BUT thats one of my favorite restaraunts. However I do get the point of the blog & understand exactly where your coming from. Shit u got me thinking I need to step my game up from Red Lobster, but where I live Im telling there arent many seafood restaraunts. I could eat seafood everyday. Nothing irritates me more than a nigga that can not order from the menu @ a restaraunt or even from the menu in drive thru. My boyfriend is exactly like that. He is so damn indecisive. So now its to the point if were going anywhere to get food, we decide what we want to order before we leave the house, damn shame. SMH