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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funny How.....

If you haven't heard which i know you haven't Two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault. The woman claims the sexual assault incident happened last July in Nevada. What is extremely odd is he is not being charged criminally, he is being sued in civil court.

If it wasn't for me cruising the net while at work I probably wouldn't have known anything about this. I found it funny that not even ESPN was talking about it. I can remember clearly that when Kobe Bryant got accused of the same thing every news, radio, cartoon, business network couldn't wait to let the whole world know that Kobe Bryant could be a rapist. Immediately the world couldn't wait to judge him and put a label on his head before anything was proved. He also proceeded to be charged in criminal court and tried. It disappoints me that Big Ben didn't get the same treatment! are you serious Is his story of lesser value for some reason? Is the world so much more concerned with the activity of minority races more of any other? Its not like Mr. Roethlisberger is an unknown player or a bench warmer, even if you have never watched a football game or lived under a rock you can still have some idea of who he is. He lead his team to a super bowl win last year how can not forget about his indescritions? Stuff like this really irrates me. I hate the way we judge and portray our minority athletes but look pass that of others. We are so quick to lay blame and judge them ,but have 100% excuses on why someone else could have never done this! she's a liar, she money hungry and the list goes on. But I say what if he really did this? What if what she is saying is true? then what? Are we still going to turn the cheek and continue to support him like nothing has changed?


Lady Dee said...

Amen. I cosign on everything you said. Its not fair. If you blast one athlete you gotta blast them all or just don't do it period.

Tawayna said...

I agree with what you say as well but what if he didn't do it. Then his name and reputation are slandered and his relationship with his family will probably be jeopardized. Unlike Kobe, Ben has decided not to settle out of court and is willing to fight it. Which is why I believe that he didn't do it. Now if I'm proven wrong I will be the first to say damn he had me fooled but the whole story sounds like BS already. However, I do believe that the media does put minorities in the spotlight whenever these types of incidents occur but we already expect this to happen. So I can't even blame the media because these folks know they are in the spotlight and their lives are exposed dramatically and they will be made out to look foolish no matter what the ending result will be.

xxxx said...

its sad to say but the color of your skin dictates how you are treatedt