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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back At It Again B?

"What would happen to me if I was being accused of the same allegations as Ben #justasking" @OGOchocinco via twitter

Good question and I too also wondered the same thing about those charges and what if they were that of maybe lets say Vernon Davis, Devin Thomas or Santonio holmes instead of Ben Roethlisberger..What would have been the outcome for getting accused of rape for the second go around if an African American Athlete had caught those charges because apparently I mean nothing for that of someone who doesn't have an ethnic background.

Year after year some young black athlete find himself in a heap of trouble for something that he was involved in off the field and year after year I watch the world, media and whatever organization they belong to make an example out of them and Let Mike Vick be perfect example of that. Not only that they are sometime penalized for the on field antics and painted as troublemakers and undeserving of what they have. But rarely do we see any others punished the way they are. At first i was going to leave this whole thing alone because other who I have talked to about this said..."oh Sunshine..u always trying to try this into a black and white issue and its not about that.' But what else could it be about. Granted i gave Big Ben a pass the first time around when he first got accused of rape maybe about year ago...true she could have been lying but when a totally different female hits you with the same allegations once again that mean Big Ben sir you have a problem and need to get it address. Apparently you have problems keep those football hands to yourself and now the whole world knows. But do others including the NFL see this as a problem? Nahnot at all. He skates free like before and in a couple of days the world sure as hell won't be talking about him anymore unlike Mike Vick who still makes headlines for his actions.

Today I sat at my desk and watch two of my coworkers discuss Ben and his rape habit...I was disgusted with the way they kept making excuses for his action and how this chick was lying....**blank stare** Its funny to hear how people really think when they think the lil black girl isn't listening but I was. I was going interject but they already think my father is like a black panther or something because I'm quick to support my race and anything else that comes with it so I let it be. But if you know me you know that took alot out of me I can't believe they were sitting here trying to paint his as an saint and her as a gold digger because he won a super bowl or two along with the fact he wasn't a brother committing a crime. these were the same ppl side eyeing me because I support Mike Vick and continue to do...One of them said to me today I could you support such a animal...and I looked that heffa straight in the eye and said the same way you support A rapist by the name of Ben. With the passion and belief in him so now get away from my desk! Rude?.... yes but she was out of line.

So I say just like Chad OchoCinco said I wonder what would have happened to Big Ben if he was an African American Athlete getting accused of the same thing? How would the world and media feel about him? Thought?!? please share.


Epitome said...

You already know what would be the case had a "sex crazed" black man been accused of rape (Kobe)...it would be an all out witch hunt. Unfortunately that is the way of the world. Black people will continue to be inferior to our fairer "brethern". Black athletes have to be on their figurative P's and Q's at all times because they are held to a different standard than white athletes. I just wanna know with en...this DNA situation...I heard on the radio that "they found DNA" but it "wasn't enough". Que? Porquoi? How is that possible? All you need is a small amount to determine who that DNA belongs to...ut all of a sudden you have a big name (not to mention long dough) attached to the possible identity of the DNA and all of a sudden it's not enough? Riiiight.

Lady Dee said...

If this was a black athlete they woulda prosecuted enough evidence or not. The DA woulda seen this as a career fast track opportunity and it would be Mike Vick and Plaxico all over again. This is the second time he's dodged this bullet. He need to get some act right. And to those calling her a gold digger homegirl filed a criminal case not a lawsuit. Get it together people.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

YOu all make very good points here. Its no secrete that blacks and whites have been treated differently sicne the beginning of time. That wil;l not change anytime soon unfortunately.

Think about the Ray Lewis thing many years ago. Dude was facing a murder charge but he got off. There are exceptions everywhere.

I would love for blacks and whites to be treated equally. That would be wonderful.

khaki la'docker said...

How could anyone look at this and not question if race played a part in this?!?!?!? Youre right- if it had been some big black football player, things would be a whole lot different.