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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cuz I Like Your Steelo

*cues 702*
"You know how I do,
And you know how I flow,
Can I get your name and number,
Cuz I like your steelo.
And I dig the way you move,
And the way you do your thing,
Baby you can bring it on,
You can swing it this way."

yall wasn't ready for that one at all or even better that I still remember the word to that joint lol...

A male friend and I was having an discussion today what makes a males attractive enough that you approach him instead of a female waiting for him to see her. He told me that he rarely sees women going after guys but they will try their hardest to be noticed like eye contact, eye flirting and smiling.Now for me this was kind of a hard thing for me to answer because Usually if i see something I want or want to know more about I go after it. You can't let a good thing just slip out of your hand and let some one else get the reward so to say. *kanye shrug* but some of us are a little different from others and they just don't get down like that.

So I along with my male friend so he can see if he need to step his game up would like to know what attracts you to man and how strong does it have to be for you to let the stand off girl go and be the aggressive one and pursue him?


UglyCleanBroke87 said...

"You stay on my mind, think about you all the time....got to get to know ya well, if you kiss then I won't tell."

Lol sorry I had a moment. I loved that song! But to answer the question, I'm not particularly assertive with approaching guys (unless I have a little liquor in my system lol) so my opinion might not represent the majority. I've seen plenty of guys that I found attractive but I just didn't have the nerve to say anything, and a lot of my friends feel the same way. So it may not be that a female doesn't WANT to approach a guy; some women are accustomed to the mentality of being pursued by a man rather than being the pursuer.

khaki la'docker said...

Co-signing with above. You know I just walk up to dude and let him know and you know I cant flirt LOL