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Monday, April 5, 2010

Xavier The Great

Saturday night had one of the most enlightening conversation with my little cousin Xavier about love, life and everything in between. It was taken back that this little boy who i once helped take care would have such a profound look on life and mine at that.

We laid in the bed Saturday night watching ICarly he turned and looked at me and said..."Day-Day why aren't you married? do you not want to get married?" I pause to sort out my thoughts before i answered him...I couldn't believe that Xavier would even understand marriage let alone why I'm not married but he soon proved that I was so wrong about that. After trying figure out how i was going to word it so he would understand i responded with

Me: Of course i want to get married..I just haven't found anymore that i love more than i love you.

Xavier: * rolls over looks me in my eyes* You are not suppose to love anyone more than me silly I'm your cousin..But you don't love Bird?

Me:*pause* *I had grasp what just happened* I do Love him...just don't think he loves me the same way or maybe he just doesn't want to marry me.

Xavier: Don't say that he does love you that's why he's been around since forever and that's a long time since I'm only 5...ya'll are going to get married maybe not soon but you will and have a baby for me to play with.

Me: Oh really Xay Xay and how do you know this? and Bird just had a baby I'm sure he doesn't want another one anytime soon.

Xavier: I just know...I know you are happy when he's around and i just know u and Bird will be married one day and who cares if he has a baby its not our baby so it doesn't matter..

I convo went on for 2 hours we talked about everything and i was in awwww in how mature my baby was and insightful. I sat and just listened to him and impressed I was he had a deep thought about everything from his father being in jail to me and having children. Before i turned the light off and end our grown up talk which he called it he said I'm glad I have to talk to especially since you didn't tell me boy be quiet....and watch you and Bird will live happily ever after i promise.......


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

*misty eyed* How sweet is this little grown man for having some candid conversation with his older cousin about such mature issues!!! I love the innocence and bright nature of children. They notice everything and will tell you the truth about anything! He's so observant by picking up on your demeanor around Bird. Children are such a wonder. I need to stop before I start crying for real over here.

Enigma Jones said...

That is so precious. Makes me miss my baby and the convos we usually have while laid up. :(

Also makes you think about the minds of children. When did the youngins become so intuitive to people's feelings?????????

sunshinestar110 said...

I was amazed by what was coming out of his mouth he usually so quiet. I don't know where got all of this from but he brought a tear to my eye. I love that little boy so very much

JStar said...

Kids are amazing in this way...I actually went to my daughters about who I should chose to be with because I had a few good options and was confused...My daughters broke it down in a similar way lol..and I am happy with their choice...It was the obvious one lol

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

that's real cool. kids say the "darndest things" and they are really aware of things. a lot of times you we just don't give the the chance to say how/what they feel. but you'd be surprised. thing i like about the way kids think is it's almost unbiased. they are not judgmental. they see shit for how it is. all the extra shit we put into it they don't include that. it isn't till they learn the behavior of judging that they start getting as clouded as we've become.

MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

Children can be very prophetic ;)

jazzyjaz said...

awwwwww....that was so cute!! You would be surprised at the things children come up with. My son is good for saying what his every thought he has and sometimes he's right about the things he says so watch out Xavier could be right about his prediction

RoByn LaTice said...

Aww, this is so touching...so cute. The whole conversation sounds like that of two mature adults.


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