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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birfday!!!

Happy Birthday to my fave girl in the world, my bff Modest Narcissistic!

This is a bond between two people something
that is special.
When you find a friend like you,
then you know you have found a true friend.
A friend is someone nice with a
big heart like you.
As time passes we try our hardest not to grow apart
but our memories will grow larger and we shall
grow smarter.
Our Friendship shall never die
through thick and thin
You are my friend and I am yours
You are the highlight of my gloomy days
the pick me up when i fall
and sometimes the voice of reason
We will always be best friends.

She is new to the blogger world so take a sec and check her out... My Life! My World! Take me how I am.


Traci Lavette said...

That's beautiful! Friendship is everything - especially when it's healthy and with someone that you KNOW has your back. It sounds like the two of you have that. "Happy Birthday, friend to Dana!"

I'm gonna stroll on over and take a look at the blog!

Anonymous said...

YAY Happy Birthday to me!! Awww did you write that or did you steal it from someone? You know thats my job to write the great poems but you did a wonderful job. We do try our hardest not to grow apart and although we don't talk or go out as much as we use to u know I am here ALWAYS and FOREVER...each moment with you!

Love You more and more. The older you get the wiser it makes me cause you know I'm not old, lol!