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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lil Freak?!?

Yesterday a friends of mine was talking to be about her break up with her boyfriend and how they got back together before he flew out to Atl. So we are talking about how they are trying to find a middle ground for the relationship she proceeds on to tell me about the amazing make up sex that included alot of hair pulling and ass smacking...she said something must have come over him because they never do stuff like that...**blank stare** Confused yes.....What do mean that doesn't occur on any other day?!? Now I have known my friend let call her S.L. for years probably since the 5th grade and she has always been extra conservative and she never ever talks about sex so she shocked me when sex came out of her mouth but she shocked me even more when she side eyed for saying " so ass smacking and hair pulling isn't apart of normal sex?!?" She called me lil freak *cuing Usher* and said u sooo nasty....No S.L. u are so basic I mean is it missionary all the time with nothing else....hmmmmm...I don't know i feel about that at all...matter of fact that quite bores me half to death...smh...but u know to each's own. I thought i was having normal sex and that was just apart of it but i guess i was mistaken maybe?!?* Kanye shrug*

So without giving me you details of your sex activity what do u consider normal sex and when is the line crossed and it turns into a freak feast?


Enigma Jones said...

Whaaaa? Hair pulling and ass smacking isn't part of everyone's normal routine???? Hmm....sucks to be them! lol

I haven't encountered anything that was too much for me (yet) but my eye did bug when a friend of mine told me her bf smacked her on the face with his weiner while she was "rocking his mic". THAT would have been too much for me.

phallatio said...

Well, firstly, there has to be a lot of oral! She must have some proper no-holds-barred skills (ball sucking, finger in ass etc.) and, in return, she will get licking and sucking until she has gushed all over the place!

If she has a toy she likes, that can go into the coochie while the clit is being sucked and, if she has a butt plug, that can go in there too!

If she's cool with bondage, at that point, I'm gonna secure her wrists to whatever I can. And then, having handed control to me, I will do whatever I want! Which will involve a great deal of teasing and fucking her any way I like!

To be that's normal. Now, if she wants to get kinky ...

RoByn LaTice said...

lol @phallatio! :)

Um, like Enigma said sucks for them. i think its normal to have ass smacking and hair grabbing..without it its just simple. Simple and I'd imagine extremly boring. Domanatrix type things may be appropriate to deserve "lil freak" title..but regular ass smaking and hair pulling, I think not.

jazzyjaz said...

I agree with Enigma jones!! I thought that all the ass smacking and hair pulling was just the norm...I guess jokes on me lol....

I don't think i eve had anything that would be make see wow but my friends ex wanted to dress up as a women and act like an prostitute for there rolling playing..that was one of those things that made me say hmmmmm?

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Normal sex SHOULD be ass smackin', hair pullin', wall climbin', rug burnin', leg tremblin', heavy breathin, bite markin', filled with plenty noise makin', nasty talkin', position changin', bed rockin', table rockin', couch rockin', stairwell rockin, car rockin', and ending with Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......#nowords

Epitome said...

Yall all are just a buncha ole freaks!

I lie...you know I'm getting my hair pulled cause it's Tuesday, that's not a special occasion type o thing.

Funny how things that were considered "normal" to us hmmm 10-20 years ago are now outdated and looked at at boring. Makes me wonder in 15 years will ass smacking and hair pulling be considdered boring and tame.

pennanddpaperr . said...

i agree with my girl RoByn definitely.

*love the layout*

JStar said...

I am with Robyn on this one...I like it ALL other than dominatrix