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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Gift For Me...You Shouldn't Have!

My God Mother always told me to be prepared for a special occassion to roll around and you don't recieve anything, make sure you take of yourself and give a gift to you. When she first dropped that knowledge on me I sided eyed her, shiit i was to young to think anyone to ever forget about me or my birthday, I'm baby girl who would ever forgot me or my birthday, x-mas, valentine's day or any other holiday that involved gifts. I learned on my 16th birthday which also happene to be my sister's graduation day from college that my Aunt was right,...they forgot about me and I wasn't prepared. My family was so excited and wrapped up in my sister receiving her degree that no one noticed the big milestone I was crossing. No cake, gifts or happy birthday wishes my 16th birthday was one of the saddest days ever for me in my teenage years. I learned that my God Mother was telling me something good when I thought she was talking out of the side of her neck. From that day forward I buy myself something for every holiday and I mean every holiday, its just a little thank you to myself for all the hard work I put in throughout the year. Xmas, Halloween, st. Patrick's day I always I have something nice to open up but nothing is quite as special as my birthday. Each year I try and get something that I will forever see and think of the good and bad of that birthday. Last year it was a silver braclet holding mybirthstone in it and when I see it I think of the good times I shared with my friends that night and my brother surprising and ccoming back home east early. This year I want to mark another year of me with a tattoo, if you know me well you probably just rolled your eyes at the idea because I am the proud owner of 9 tattoo so where in da hell would i put another one and that is a good question because I certainly have no clue where this new tattoo will be put all i know is a tattoo is going to my gift to myself. I did have 1 location in my mind behind my left ear I'm going to ink my body with an Adinka Symbol<----- go ahead and click that if you don't know what that is.

I already have this one:

Gye Nyame
I fear no man, supreme being or force but God

Just like that one I want to go with some thing that has great meaning and purpose to reside behind my ear. Before I decided that Adinka symbol was what I was going back with this time around I did research other symbols from other parts of the world but in the end my heart was with Adinka and it just seemed right since I already have one. After calling up my ex boyfriends father who is professor in African art and asking for his advice I have narrowed it down to these:

meaning: return and get
symbol of learning from the past.

Nyame Dua
meaning: God's presence and protection

meaning: vigilance and wariness.

I think I'm leaning towards the first one but the others hold alot to them to . I got until next month to make the decision of which 1 and the location..soooooooooooo wish me luck!


khaki la'docker said...

I thought you was gonna get my name :hoodrat voice:

Traci Lavette said...

I love the "Nyame Dua
meaning: God's presence and protection". It's so powerful. I never knew about these symbols. I'm always learning something over here. Brilliant!

Your God Mother was so right and I wish somebody had told me what she told you so that I wouldn't have been as crushed as I was when I graduated with my BA from UC Berkeley and didn't get so much as a damn card. It was crazy! Since I lived in University housing, once you put your name on the degree list, you have 30 days to vacate. So, I take my name off to buy time - which also meant that I wasn't going to get to (formally) walk, yet I was FINISHED. Everyone close to me knew/knows that and still NOTHING. My ass was hurt. But...what I didn't do was do something nice for myself. I don't know why I didn't think to do it, but now - even a year 1/2 later, I AM.

Let me know what tattoo you end up getting. I'm curious!


phallatio said...

Wise advice!

I buy myself treats all the time! I don't even wait for official holidays or significant days in my calendar. I ensure that my life is full of good stuff and fun. I work hard. I deserve it!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I love the Sankofa & Nyame Dua representations. I spoil myself all the time girl so I feel you! If I won't do it for me, who else will?? Keep us updated on your decision =)

stephanie said...

sanfoka is also the name of an amazing film :0)