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Thursday, April 29, 2010

She Slidin' Down The Pole

In the words of my dear friend Epitome "I haven't made it rain on the hoes in a long time!"

When I repeated those words to one of my male friends after he asked me what I was doing Friday night he side eyed me and accused me of having deep feeling so to say about women..maybe even fantasies as he would say. But yeah so I'm strictly dickly and would never cross to the other side I'm just for sure of myself enough to comfortable in a room full of half naked women.

I tried to explain this to my stoopid male friend that nothing about female strip clubs turn me on, it doesn't nothing for me. They slide up and down poles, make it clap and p-pop on a hand stand and still I feel nothing. Actually with all my trips to the strip clubs i have picked up a thing or two from those girl to try out! ..LMAOOOOOOOO

My very first experience with strip club was when I was about 19 or 20, Dog who would let me out of his sight took me with him just to make me miserable but it sure nuff back fired on his ass because I actually enjoyed myself. I drank a lil and tipped the hoes with his money and made all the other men in the club jealous because the strippers loved me. I learned from one of stripper friends that they love straight females in the audience..we tip better and don't them like they objects and lst the more they hang around us the more money they make from guys who are paying them to stay away from us and be about them. After we left the club that night none of the men who i was with could understand why I was so OK with sticking dollars in a thong and even saying that one of them was my favorite stripper for now. I think they thought I was trying to cross over to the other side. From that point forward I always go with my male friends when its time to hit the strip clubs and tip my fave stripper! and they love having me there too! I walk in just like the boys except I'm looking extra girly and fly, take a seat at the tables order drinks galore and tip and might I add I tip very well at that cuz some of those men in there need to get their dollars up before going up in the spot. The nakedness(is that a word) doesn't bother me at all, they ain't got nothing I ain't already seen and since we share the same stuff I see it everyday so watching someone else with it makes no big difference to me. I always use the example to some of my female friends can't understand why i can sit in the strip club is its like watching something on TV like showgirls or one of those HBO specials which I know we all have seen about strippers, I'm not all friggy then and I'm not now. Once you are comfortable with who you and what you like it shouldn't be no problem to watch a stripper do her thing.

Now before you ask about lap dances...*sigh* yeah that not really my strong area I have had once or twice and it just wasn't right for me. I don't want no half oiled up chick rubbing up on me and I hate smelling like stripper when I get home.....that scent is hard to get rid of!

One thing I can say about some of the strippers I have seen is they work hard for there money and I ain't mad at that! I don't knock nobodies hustle and if I was a different person and felt differently about some things I would have no ass swinging around a pole too , some of them bring home big bread. So in conclusion seeing female or hearing about female in the strip clubs doesn't mean they have lesbian thoughts and want to feel them up!!! so stop asking

The end ...lol


JStar said...

I agree! I enjoy going myself :) And have learned a thing or two from them as well...I dont like going to see male strippers....They look gay to me, and its just not sexy to me to see a man in a thong...Thats disgusting lol...

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Girl I am so with you!! I've been to many strip shows....male and female. I used to date a male stripper and I was roommates with a female stripper. I even MC'd a female strip show for them. Obviously I have no problems going to a strip club . I could never see myself swinging on that pole though. Just me.

khaki la'docker said...

havent been to one but I would go with my homegirls just to trip. Im sure i would fin somebody to joke on

Mista Jaycee said...

Ladies can appreciate the Female Body but Can you understand the True Powah! DA POWAH of the Female Body when it's used correctly? It's AWESOME! Remember World History has been altered by the POWAH of a Woman. Anyway, I dig your blog. Stop by Both of Mine!

**LADY** said...

You took them to Church with this one. You're so Right. You have to be comfortable with yourself to be comfortable in the S Club. Plus i like to dance so I still some of there moves while im there. Lastly, thats where all the men with the $ are.