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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm at work which is one of the last places i want to be! I rather would be home cuddling up with Bird since his ass stayed home today but I'm here and i am not feeling it at all. Don't get me wrong I am happy to have a job in this day in age because times are so bad but I HATE THIS JOB AND THESE PEOPLE!! UUGGGHHHHH!! they drive me crazy! First everybody is always worried about what I'm doing instead of them worrying about themselves, someone is always moving, touching or throwing away stuff on my damn desk*rolling my eyes, and last when i need a day off or a half a day its like the world is coming to an end and no one can understand why.

So right now i;m sitting at my desk minding my business listening to some tunes not really being bothered with these people and they find a way to get on my last nerve. Ann, my boss comes over and says" are you not in a good mood?!" what ? where is that coming from? is that because I'm not in here fraternizing with you people!!! or its because you want to wrap my head up about nothing and I won't give you the chance too!!! plus, he keeps asking me the same damn question 5 trillion times and feel like I want to leap over my desk an punch her right in the eye!!!!! plz..don't ask me one more time if I'm okay or where I'm going for lunch!!!! because I'm tired of giving you the same answer in thousand of different of way. YES, I'm okay and i don't know where I'm going for lunch nor I want you to know so you can tag along. Then its the IT programmer, who feels the need to talk to me every time he walks past me!!! if I have to hear the story about what cute thing his Son Codi did one more time I'm going to scream!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! and not to mention the countless others who find a way to drive me crazy as the day goes on!!!!!

So before I lose it, I Have mad an executive decision to take a personal day on Friday!!!! and you know what I'm going to do nothing!!!! Nothing at all..watch Maury, twitter a lil bit, and lay in my night clothes all day long until night falls and I hit these streets hard so I can drink away all this damn stress from this place.


Lady Dee said...

Lol. Damn girl. That bad.? I know how that is. Don't they realize that the more the ask the more pissed you get? And the picture is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

we must wrk & that same damn place or some shit. i say the same exact shit about my job. their always concerned about what im doing @ my desk, aksing me what websites im etc etc etc nosy ass ppl. & please dont call off, ask to leave early it will be a problem. i remember one day i asked to leave wrk 30 mins early for a dr. apptmnt they asked me could i reschedule it to my off day, as if 30mins was going to hurt them.