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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Closer Look At Me!!!

Today I decided to give the blogger world the good and the bad about Sunshinestar!!! So her it goes...

I realized that the reason females don't like me is the same reason that males love me!

I have a hard exterior but I'm soft and cry at a drop of a dime.

I have alot of insecurities about myself. there is alot of things i won't wear and i won't do because of this.....so sad right?

The biggest loss of my life was when my bff died in a car crash. I blamed myself for it for long time. Went through all the ifs and buts about it. Scary thing is I was suppose to big in that truck with him that night that he crashed his car passed away.

When i was 23 yrs old I was told that my chances of having children are slim to none. That's was real life changing for me.

Back in the day I was shy and quiet. I didn't do much of anything but just read and did homework but my first love brought me out of that.

As a child i had to wear leg braces because my legs were so crooked...notes: that's why my mother didn't take many pic of me as a child.

I'm really in to local underground rap of the DMV(Dc,Maryland, and Virgina) I always support homegrown!

I hold grudges!! If you did something to me in the 6th grade I remember and will never forget. If I didn't fuck with you when we were 18yrs old I still don't fuck with you to this day!

I do feel like I'm kinda mean, I usually know after 15mins of talking to someone if I love them or hate them.

My sister is my best friend. there is not anything i won't share with her even things that are TMI.

I'm very close to my family. I spend alot of time at my Aunt's houses and spending time with my cousins. Tomorrow is never promised today so I try to do see them as often as possible.

Loyalty means alot to me. Even if i haven't talked to you in years I still am very loyal to that person and respect them.

High school was the worst 4yrs of my life. I would never relive them or want to go back. I was still trying to find myself back then.

I'm jealous that my friends are having babies and I may never be able to go through being pregnant or being a mom.

I'm a rap head but my fave is the old school gangsta music from the 90's. It just brings out the inner thug/drug dealer in me.

My closest is full of nothing but black!!!! Funny thing is its not even my fave color. Black is slimming and I never want people to know how much weight I have gained over the years. If u ever see my FB you will see how much black i really wear!!!

last but not least...I think its funny that I have never met these girls outside of the Internet but I share such a good relationship wit my Bunny Ranch! I loves you girls!!!!!!!


Epitome said...

Kudos to you for sharing this info! It takes alot to reveal yourself in such a manner that gives someone REAL insight into you as a person. And *cosign* to the bunny ranch comment, I feel the same way lol

khaki said...

I love your honesty with this one... maybe I should do something like this... hmmm

anyway- i also co-sign with the Bunny Ranch comment. You guys are da best..

Anonymous said...

awwww bunny hugs. love my bunny ranch fam, yall the only bishes that i know that i actually get a long w. Ok you & Beige Bunnie are inspiring me to do one of these type post. I can agree w you on so many different things u said in this post. I too am hard on the outside & soft on the inside. any little thing can & will mk me cry. BUT dont get it twisted im not no punk. i think ALL females have insecurities about themselves. we all have things that we dont like about ourselves & we wish we could change. I too have insecurites about my weight, among other things. same here, im 23 & i was too told that one day i may not be able to have children due to me having a menstrual order. i dont let that get me down, they told my older sister the samething & she now has a 7yr old kid. i just say when the time is right things will fall into place. i was also a child that stayed to myself. i never liked playing w the neighborhood kids. i was always inside reading or doing something else. & hell i hold grudges as hell. if i didnt fuck w u then i dont fuck w u now. i always say i can tell if I'll like a person just by the first few mins of the convo probably why i dont have a lot of friends. i can always ffel someone out or know what their about, especially when just meeting them. Great post overall. Ima have to do something like this.

Anonymous said...

exucse the hell out of all my typos.

☆Reese✮ said...

Da fuck is a Bunny Ranch? I don't luh dem hoes!

I'm glad you shared some of yourself with us, I think that takes a lot of nerve and I'm happy you like us enough to do it! *bunny hug*

(Ya'll know I'm just playing right? Bunny Ranch iz tha bidnass..and I do luh dem heffahs!)

Traci Lavette said...

I think it's tight that you were able to be that candid about yourself. That's a huge step toward healing and it sounds like that's what you need to do. I hurt for you that you had to go through some of that shit you did growing up. I am not so far removed from that myself and know completely how you feel. Those of us with the most hurt are able to really express in these settings and I know your girls are honored that you feel you can come and be as honest about yourself to them as possible. We have a lot in common with all that you wrote, but I won't go into it because this is all about YOU and I'm both happy and proud that were able to release.

Keep taking care of yourself,

Til next time,

dearly beloved. said...

1. I soooo loooove u for this post! Love the honesty and the love u show the bunnies.

2. I'm copying the fuck outta this!

Ps. *bunny hug* :)

Krissy said...

Makes me wanna do one of these myself. I think I just might. And the friendships you can form online are like no other. I so love some of the people I have gotten to know over the years online. Some I have met, some I haven't but they all mean the world to me and I'm glad to know them all.