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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks....

Checked my email today and Saw I had a message from my Ex I'm going to call him...DOG!..and yes khaki I'm back at my animal names!!! lol Dog was my on again off again Boyfriend from the time I was 14yrs old until about 20yrs old, I guess u can say all of my life! He was a little older than me so i thought i was doing it big back in day with this older joint that all the girls wanted envied me and he wanted me. But if those girl only knew what i went through messing with his dumb ass. He made sure he got me young, i guess he was trying to mold me into the women that he needed so he use to make sure he drove me crazy. Fist fights, getting jumped by some chicks, him fucking my friends having babies with them, sent me the clinic more than once to get rid of his seed, emotional and physical abuse..If they only knew he made sure I worked hard to be with him. and back then I didn't know any better so I did what I thought I had to do for him to love me the way I loved him. He use to remind me all the time that he picked me and that I needed him for the longest i thought that he defined me and that I needed to proceed on. It took me along time and Bird for me to work up enough courage to leave his ass in the wind. I promised myself from that day on, I would never ever deal with him or anyone like him ever again... and I still stand by that to this day!

*cueing LeToya Luckett song not anymore...

So when I received his email today entitled YOU I was kinda torn with if i should read it or not, so i closed it out. I went back to it while at lunch I was oh so curious why he would be contacting me after 5 1/2 years? And just like the old Dog he is, his ass tried to charm via email. One thing I can always say about him is he could talk you into almost anything, he could sell u anything if he put his all into it and with this email that's exactly what he did try and charm me. He hit me with all the basic shit where u been at?, ain't heard from you?, what you don't love me anymore?. I was almost tempted to respond with what i don't know. Not respond because I needed or wanted him respond to tell him to go fuck himself. To let him know that the old and weak Sunshine died along time ago and whatever new tricks for me he had I had been there and done that and I am not looking back. Instead i thanked him for all that he had done for me. I know weird right?.... I thanked him for fuckin' those hoes who i thought was my friends he just made it easy for me to weed them out quicker, I thanked him being my first and teaching a Lil young girl a thing or two about sex, I thanked him for breaking me at some points in life, it taught me how to be stronger, I thanked him for showing me what love wasn't because he didn't love me at all, I also thanked him for making my skin tougher and I no longer let people run over top of me, I thanked him for always being Dog and never changing it just made me see how weak he really was and Last I thanked him in Advance for never contacting me ever again because I don't him in my life. Its been fine without him. I'm not in the business for trying to teach old dogs, new tricks. I take two steps forward never two steps back.


khaki said...

AMEN bunny!

You know im not for the animal names but this one pretty much applies so, yeah, dog is very much fitting.

Anonymous said...

I really feel you on this post. I too have went thru similar things that you have described in this post. & I feel the exact same way you do. Thank you so much lame ass nigga for making who I am today. You dont really understand or realize certain shit until a nigga does you wrong. I had a dirty ass nigga that thought he could tk advantage of me & fuck over me til the point of no return. I put up w his shit for forever bc I THOUGHT he loved me & I just KNEW I loved him. & finally this nigga hurt me in the worst way, he did something really unexpected, & I was just too outdone. I had to end the relationship. Since we've broken up Ive seen him around a few times, & sometimes I think about what could have been or I get butterflies in my stomach. & then I remind myself why I dont deal w him.

Lady Dee said...

Thats right Sunshine, leave that dog in the dust. I'm so glad you were strong enough to leave that fool alone.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I've been in that position a time or two. I'm glad you had the strength to stand up for YOU and let his ass know what's really good! Dudes never miss you until you leave them.

Traci Lavette said...

You've been through a lot and should be very proud of yourself for removing yourself from that situation and vowing never to return. It's pretty sad that these older n***as can prey on the young ones. My little cousin has been hooking for one since she was 14 and this dude is 21! Got her when she was 12 though. So though we suspected it, we couldn't prove it until recently. Unlike you though, it's going to take a bit of time to get her from his grips but she is going to have to want to go first.

As far as your so-called friends, it's so sad to me that broads are so on the dick that they will fuck first and think later. It's kind of like the L.O.V.E. word people just say it to be saying it. Same with females and friendship. Sometimes it's said b/c it sounds good but really, what do women know about friendship? I often wonder that. It's way too easy to sway in the direction of the stick and away from the loyalty of your girl. I'm already convinced that I will only ever have acquaintances because that 'friend' title, is not one to throw around loosely.

I'm proud of you...but you do know that he is not going to stop with that one email, right? He is probably turned on by the rejection and you just entered the "challenge" stage for him. Now Doggie is gonna chase the Cat even more! Stay strong, girl!!! I'm rooting for you!

Chelle said...

wowwww, congratulations on standing your ground and not falling for the bullshit anymore!

Blackbutterfly said...

I loved your response to his email, very deep. He was probably stunned that you laid it all out there like that and really he cannot come back with a reply.

I suppose we all get hooked by someone in our life. Some of us find the strength and self worth to realise we all deserve better and leave them the hell alone.

As for the so-called friends, females don't surprise me at all anymore. There are some shady b**ches out there. And like someone said the word friend is used way too much these days.
True friends are soooooooo hard to find and I'm realising that as I get older.

☆Reese✮ said...

I'm glad you went in on him the way you did! Get em girl!
He's an ass and I'm glad you're completely through with him.
I hope all you said sunk in and he'll leave you alone FOREVER!

Krissy said...

ur response was lovely and exactly what needed to be said.