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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plus Size?

Now I have never been a small girl ever in life always a 10 or above...*shout out to all my plus size girls! but today while cruising through one of favorite new clothing sites...Fath21..which is Forever21's plus size area!!! *thanks Bkels for turning me on to that* I noticed that none of these years were "plus size" to me!!!!!

Okay so I'm still trying to figure out where she is plus size at!!!!She looks like the size of my sister who is only 7 in size so where in the hell are all the plus size models at! I mean where are all the girls who look like me and clearly she doesn't! Matter of fact none of there models look like plus size women to me. Come on world the average size for a women is 12 so why is there size 2 trying to show me how the outfit will look on me! but that's not how I look so how can I make my judgment off of that! Its enough it took the fashion world forever to see that real women wear real sizes and we can't wear those itty bitty outfits and if i did it would be a pure damn mess and the world would he horrified!! and we don't want that now do we?! So fashion world please catch up with times once again and get some models that i can relate too!!! I'm begging you!!!


☆Reese✮ said...

I am standing and applauding you in the most ghetto fashion EVER!
I thought I was the only one that noticed! I get tired of seeing the IBTC/no hips & thighs/flat bootied folks in the clothing that's supposed to be in my size! How am I going to judge if this will look good on me or not?

- juicee . hoe said...

aqreed with reese

i see this all the time , most of the so called plus sized models have NO STOMACH

wdf ? lol no arm flab ? no nothinq plus sized to me

smh .

Epitome said...

You know! I looked at that site and was like ummmmm okaaaaaay....thought this was "plus size". Funny how the world's waistline is getting bigger but the models are getting smaller (took a gander at lane bryant recently and was like "these bishes done lost weight!")

Little Miss Baker said...

That's plus size? How about that is NORMAL size! Can I get a shout out to all us NORMAL (sorry 'plus size') hotties?! You go Girl! :) xo

Anonymous said...

damn didnt know forever21 had a plus size site, will have to check it out.

Krissy said...

I didn't know about that site either. But I think the only site rockin REAL chubby chicks is torrid. Some of those chicks are TOO big for my liking lol but they arent frontin lol