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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fail on the play!!!!!

I'm on AIM and one of my old male friend Spider(this is his real name) hit me up asking a question that was totally not excpeting.....So..*insert my government name here, Why did we stop having sex?...lol...Ok so I'm think WHAT? WHERE IN THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM?!..so when I'm getting ready to think of some nice to respond with he hits me again...You just up and stop calling me, coming over to see me, I mean nothing..what happened!! Oh Lil Tink, Tink...If you only knew.. Spider was cute as can be all the girls were chasing him like there was no tomorrow but what they don't know about good ole Spider is that big D**** was a waste because poor lil tink tink was totally lost in the sex department!!!! Now I didn't shut him down ASAP like I should have I gave him a three chance rule the same as the rest. For all #3 times Spider let me down he disappointed me so I Drop him off the team!! Sorry Boo!!! I can't deal with it anymore. Spider was right about something I did just up and go MIA I was over it and didn't want to have to bare another sex encounter !!!*bring back old bad memories!!!! So before i answered I decided that Spider can not handle the truth so I need to spare his feeling so I answered back with...Aww Spider I had to just get myself together I was going through something(no you were going through something and I didn't want to help you out with it)..So i thought that it was over he got his answer and now we continue on with our lives with that being the answer I felt like he need but of course it wasn't..the next AIM made laugh .....So how about you come through I haven't seen you in a LLLOONNGG time!!...* Whistle blows...referee comes out and says off fail on the play off side no good!!!!... Sorry Sypder you want get me this time!!! Clearly I logged out of my AOL and haven't responded. Unless his team has made major improvements I'm going to stick to where I'm at!!!!Sorry


khaki said...

Whats really sad is he doesnt know how wack his dick is... damn peniledenial

JSADTheKing said...

LOL Poor lil tink tink

☆Reese✮ said...

That's a damn shame..big paynis and can't work it! The hell is that bout?

Epitome said...

I HAAAAAAAAAATE when that happens! Big ole pretty dick, and can't do shit with it. It's like whhhhy!? Dick isn't for decoration dammit!