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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy 25th Ro!!!

Roshon would have celebrated his 25th birthday on Monday(i know I'm a little late) I sit and wondered what he would have planned for this b-day. Maybe a trip to Vegas or some place far away from the east coast whatever it would have been I know it was have been huge and a expensive celebration(that's just how he did things) instead we celebrated his life with a cookout that would have made him very proud. This year his birthday was an bitter sweet moment for me! First, because I can remember when we were 9 years old running up down the street to the convenience store and Second because he wasn't here to celebrate it with us. He was taken away from us far too soon and it still wares on my heart and soul from time to time. Never in a million years I thought he wouldn't be here to remind me of his birthday(because he did every year just so I wouldn't forget) but it was no need to I always remembered. I never made it to the cookout that was thrown, I 've stayed clear for that the second year in a row, mostly because i wasn't ready to deal with the people. I know how much I must have disappointed him because this birthday meant so much to him but this birthday brought back all the memories good and bad, it brought back the pain that his death has on me. I remember one of our last conversations about life and how on his 25Th he was going to change his life.....go back to school, settled down, maybe have a baby or two. I remember just being amazed at how the little boy grew up with was becoming a much more mature man!! We made a pack that if we didn't have any kids by 27yrs old we would have one together!!LOL....I told me he was holding me to that! Well, I'm 26yrs old and still no babies i won't have one with him but when I do my first son's names has already been chosen!!! Enough of being sad..*wiping the tears away* I just wanted to Wish Him a Happy 25th birthday and you are truly missed!!!!

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Anonymous said...

was this your best friend? .. man, i start tearing up reading this!! i lost my brother and b-days are hard.. because it aways makes you wonder "what if..."