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Monday, August 10, 2009

He's Leaving Me !!!!! :-(

I didn't realize how sad i was about him leaving me until this morning. My Friend R.P. will be leaving at the end of the week to go to law school in Miami. It kinda of funny to me because him and I don't talk everyday nor do we see each other on a regular basis but I knew he was just a phone call away if I ever needed him and now that phone call will mean he will be hours away from me. There are no more long days watching football together, sitting on each others beds talking about life no more just being bored together! I'm going to miss all that ,no one is bored with me like he is. My friendship with R.P. started 12 years ago after a football game when he tried to holla at me and I turned him down and ever since then he has been one of my best friends. He has left me once before but that's was to play football in college somewhere in PA but that lasted about 10 seconds and he was back playing in MD. So this separation is going to be real hard for me!H e doesn't know how much I value him, his opinions, loyalty,honesty and that he understands me, all those things are hard to find in a trust Worthy friend!!!!!! because I can be a hard person to understand.He was the first one one to warn me that worthless was exactly that worthless, He was the first person to run to me when Ro died and countless other times when he stopped what he was doing to hold my hand! I guess I'm being selfish not wanting him to leave because who will I call on when things go wrong and need to cry and drink it all away!!! He was the first male I ever spent the night with, he taught me everything I know about football and the first man I loved for the right reasons and not like the others who I thought I loved. My feeling for him run long beyond him just being my friend! He also will be my husband one day...lol...Two carats!!!, right R.P.? Since I know that he will be reading this because he always drops in to see what new in life I just wanted him to know that this an bitter sweet moment for me. I'm so proud and happy for him on pursuing his dreams and bettering his life but on the other hand I'm going to miss the friend I have grown to love so very much!!! R.P. You know I will be making more than on trip to Miami to get it in!!! lol..


khaki said...

im going to miss him too... so post more pics.

sorry... i need sexual attention and its taking a toll on the rest of my senses.

☆Reese✮ said...

^^ co-sign! more pics thanks!

and awww don't be gettin' all misty eyed and thangs over there!

sunshinestar110 said...

Lol....Since you girls requested more of him I'll make sure I post more ASAP!! He is a pretty sight to look at!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm wit Khaki and Reese plz give us more of him!!!!!!

He just moved to better his life he'll be back !! I'm sure he is doing it for the best!

Anonymous said...

awww!!! i hope he reads this!! .. i hate when good friends leave cause its so bittersweet.