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Thursday, August 20, 2009

He Wanna Taste My Juice Box!

L.M. must have awaken yesterday and said today is the day, I'm going to try get Sunshine's juice box!!! LMAO. He must have been feeling himself something good yesterday because he really put on his "A" game to get a sip. L.M. and I have have not had any type of sexual contact no kissing, long hugs nothing...Ok no we have slept in the same bed with maybe a little bit of spooning but other than that nothing...no flirting, bunning up on couch nothing! So him trying to get me to take a ride on his magic stick is mind blowing. Don't get me wrong L.M. is sexy as a mothaf**** and I have seen the fuck stick, which was also something lovely but if he think tasting my juice box is going to be easy he than he was clearly mistaken!!! Many have tired and few have a gotten sip!!!! So L.M. has spent a lil QT wit the girl even dealt with my crazy fam, spent a couple of dollars here and there!! its still not enough to get it! and Bird got ya girl wide open and if I let L.M. take a sip and it doesn't compare to the Birdman I will have to dismiss him ASAP!! So his journey for the juice box has just begin for him!! its going to be long and bumpy ride I hope he has what it takes to it!


Traci Lavette said...

You go girl! Makin' him wait but you got me wondering now what it's gonna be like and if it's gonna meet your expecations. You gotta keep up posted on this one! I've been there...done that! And one thing everybody knows about a Leo woman is that when you don't come right the first time, you can't back period. If you are anything like me, when he finally does "get it" he better get it right LOL!

Keep us posted!

Lady Dee said...

Girl I'm loving the pic (lol) and thats right. Make him work for. I'm with Traci, keep us posted cuz I want to see if he know how to use what he got.