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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome To The Bunny Ranch..No not that one!

These are my bunnies and F*** with them to the fullest!!! I can't even function in my everyday world becuz I'm loggin into to twitter and blogger everyday to see what the hell these heffers are talking about!!! and the bunny gods know we talk about eeerrrrrryyything! So get at em!! We da besssssss!!!!


My ride or die bunny!!! She is always ready wit her vaseline, bandana, and sling shot! Lord know we are going to have to bail her out a time or two! You got to love her!

Check out her blog..Sweet Insanity and Sarcasm


My bunny from the other side of 95! Always straight to the point and blunt. She reminds me everyday about cutting down on my salt, alot of HP out here!! lol...

Check out her blog..Not All Baltimore Chicks Are Stupid..


My west coast bunny! I often forget she is in another time zone...shit i just thought she never slept! I can always count on a glass of Ciroc and some pure fuckery from her!!

Check out her blog..This Mu'fucka Right Here..


My bbm bunny! Bonita Crocker is always whipping up a dish or two for the world to share. She must know I can't cook and need her masterpieces to land my million dollar husband. I can always count on her from pure comedy from voicemails to tweets she always keeps me entertained!

Check out her blog...
My Thoughts


My MIA Bunny! She is always dippin' on us, spittin' a line or two and then she out....but back again to pick up on whatever the topic is! I can awlays count her to agree with me on how we hate our jobs and our always ready to go home!

Check out her blog..Facts Of Her Life!

They may not be one of my bunnies but I read them too

--->Slow Mondays<---

..yup,Simone be talking shit..

with love, starz

Living in Singleville

just to name a few!!!


khaki said...

*high fives with bunny paws*

I wonder if non-bunnies are gonna start hating us for all this bunny love???? probably... hmmm... fuck it.

Anonymous said...

@khaki i was just thinking the samething. OF COURSE were going to be hated on for starting our little bunny ranch j/k as colabunnie would say we the best.

Epitome said...

YEEEEEAHHH! I heart my bunnies!

And if other folks not a part of the bunny ranch start hating...uhm, they can start their own group....just know it ain't fucking with us.

But we still got love for erry'body

"Allof yall are beautiful" *drake voice*

☆Reese✮ said...

Lmao lookit ya'll starting shat!

"only thing that's on my mind, is who's gonna run this town tonight?"

I love all ya'll, bunny or non...

dearly beloved. said...

yall the besss n shit..

but Ms.Juicebox i hate cho ass for that damn bunny picture.. that little nigga is scary ass shit!

dearly beloved. said...

ps. @reese.. um i don't love them hoes.. *throws up bunny gang signs* bunny or die on mine cuzz!

Krissy said...

lol@ beloved I was just thinking the same thing about that bunny. It's creepy