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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Really......

Let's call him Redz.....Oh Redz... once upon a time not to long ago, Redz broke my little heart..will I wouldn't say broke but he hurt my lil feelings and got a gf, had a baby and that was it for us. Yes we remained Friends just a tad because we spent high school together and he is bff with my baby b..my baby brother. So not being nice and respectful to each other is out of the question..So ya gurl got invited to a birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago and I decided why not go drink a lil, dance a lil for one night..so that is what I did but as soon as my black peek toe heels touched the floor who did I see....If you said Redz for 500...you were so right.There he was looking oh so fione..smh.. the nasty thoughts that went through my head wouldn't even be appropriate to say out loud! We chatted it up for bit..laughed..of course i flirted but that was all...so thats at least for the moment it was. We.. that consisted of me and my girl Symone..Hit up the local carry out ..we was starving after drinking all night and who text me no other than Redz...a lil small talk which i found funny cuz it was 3:30am and there are only a couple things that pop off that early morning and we all know what that is..*gives side eye* Anywhoo.. nothing came about that night but he has been giving me his all lately..Trying to secure u a spot Mr.Redz?...I see you. At first I wasn't buying whatever he was selling, Ive been there and done that and going back again is not a option. Last week i decided to see where his head was at with all this, was he just trying to get in my panties again or could it be something else? well his answer was amazing...something in the lines of us just wanting to be there and around me...I would put it up word from word but I have no idea where my phone is to read the text.....SORRY? and If I was some ole Basic Bitch shit I would have been all over him but me..I ain't even that kind of girl! anywhoo..he has been giving me all his "A" game and after talking wit Khaki and Epitome about him and they opening my eyes to some things I soften up him a just a bit. Then he got me again on Sunday wit that basic bitch talk...matter of fact he left me speechless and thats when I decided that Redz was gonna make me go against everything I stand for and open the gate for him!!! Now Redz doesn't know this at all...still gotta make sure he's in this for real but I think He might have just won me over!!! smh...but i am still a lil shakey about this all..I don't like to take two steps backwards but positive ass thinking Epitome told me not to think like that but I can't help but to do so....


Epitome said...

You are such the ying to my yang lol. You're the naughty and I'm the nice...I'm always so damned hopeful, sometimes to a fault lol. BUT, like I told you last night, I predict something good to come from this...we shall see for sure on Saturday though

khaki said...

Yay for Redz!!!
Im with Epitome on this one... He might be what you need in yo life.

Flower girl dress here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!