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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ultimate Feminist

I was joking around with Epitome the other Day about trying to find a Halloween costume that isn't sexy since our local Feminist Khaki is trying to start an uproar for Halloween...giving the side eye...

So I thought and thought and thought.....and it hit me..Why don't I be the the biggest feminist of all time ...THE FEMALE PRAYING MANTIS!! Yes my girl the mantis!!! She is truly all for woman's rights. First she is much stronger and bigger than her counter part the Male praying Mantis...She's much prettier than him too.her beautiful neon color and he's just brown. blllaahhh. she stands alone...u will never see her hanging any type of group just walking around doing her own thing and last but not least she mates with him and them PPPOOOOWWWWW bites his head off!!! yyyyyaaaassss I love it. She gets what she wants and tosses him to the side..You Go Girl!

Every women across the world should be empowered by her!!!! yeeesssss.... the Praying Mantis is my role model...lol..


khaki said...

even I have to say No to this. LMAO

Yall can be sexy for Halloween,,, that was just the inner Angela Davis in me talking. Im down for the hussiness. LMAO

Epitome said...

Maybe you can be a sexy praying mantis?

.× azzy. ♥♥ said...

yeah, i've always found that fascinating. that's female empowerment to the next level. C=