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Thursday, September 17, 2009


My girl Kyla caledl me today to talk about something that happened over 2 months ago but being that I know she has an slight metal issue i let her continue on with this unnecessary conversation.

She was apparently still mad about an incident that happened while she was here and I think she felt some type of way about it because I never apologized for it. Which I felt was unneeded because we are both adult but I guess she didn't see it that way..so let me tell u what happened...

Kyla came back home to DC and asked to stay with me while she was here..Cool why not..she not originally from here but lived here for awhile when she was dating her ex bf. So i get everything ready for her to be here...bed, food, clean towels the works. I took her out a couple of time while she was here and everything was good. Now she never told me her whole purpose of coming back to DC was to try and get back with her former BF Lonnie who happens to be one of Birds friends...go figure right. I didn't want to leave her out when I did some day time event so one afternoon I took her to a cook out and who was there...LONNIE! Now me i thought everything was everything because she hadn't talk about him in the whole time she has been here. I thought she was long over him but hmmmmm..I was wrong. She caught instant attitude and requested to leave which I did do just because she was my guest and didn't need for her to act a fool at someone elses house. Now later on that night she went out with some of HER friends and i went and chilled wit Bird and Lonnie...She finds out and calls me a traitor and rude!?! Me never..Rude maybe but Traitor have never been. But I'm a good friend and looeds past that cuz she was only here for 1 more night after that. The night before she leaves she calls it in early so she can get up wit the birds to catch her flight..me..im not tried so Bird calls for a lil midnight action and I roll out. She was well asleep when i left so I posted a note for her and got what I needed....

Now I'm thinking we are both adults and me leaving this grown ass women alone in my home while i handle some business would be fine. I made it back in the morning to drop her ass off and everything worked out..right..Kyla didn't see it that why...so today she calls me venting once again about nothing...says I'm rude for leaving her alone to voyage off to a booty call, she just can't understand why I still see Bird after what Lonnie did to her...huh?...what does that have to do with me or Bird? and that i hurt her feeling when i took her to a function that included Lonnie...SMH...Come on Kyla....don't blame me for your broken heart and not being able to conduct yourself because Lonnie is around or is it because you were on some thin line between love and hate shit and Lonnie wasn't fucking wit u. Maybe it was the fact that two days earlier he told u that u and him will never be again...I don't know what it really was but we are grown ass women grown ass 26yrs old women who should know how to manage yourself in front the ex, put your game face on boo.

Now the booty call thing i don't think I was rude or wrong for. You were sleep, u are grown and can be left alone and before u say it...I wouldn't care if she left me to get some peen! u got to do what u got to do sometimes. I would encourage her to get it before I find her rude for doing so.

Apologizing NO!! i apologized to her for feeling the way she felt but never for my action didn't feel like I needed to....so my question is...Was i rude?


Epitome said...

HALE NAWL *ms. sophia voice* she is quite simply just tripping cause she want a man who don't want her back...you were not wrong in the least bit for anything you did, tell that heffa to take a prozac and a nap cause bunnies don't have time for such foolishness

khaki said...

See- i probably woulda hung up on Ms. Kyla. Ugh--- still crying over spilled milk and a nigga that dont want no parts of you. Please tell me I will never have the displeasure of meeting her!
Cant stand no thirsty jealous hoes.