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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things That Make You Say..Hmmmmmm......

Who decided Lil Wayne was a catch ? and why do people keep having kids with him?

Why do people who drive slow always and I mean always get in the fast lane? and then get mad when you pass them?

When will PETA let Micheal Vick live his life?

How much is enough money?

Would the world have been just as Mad at Kanye for interrupting Keisha Cole instead of Taylor Swift?

When will men learn they will never win?

What ever happened to Another Bad Creation and Subway?

If Jesse Jackson is a Reverend..Then how come i have never seen him give sermon? and not at just at a funeral

Who told Kanye that damn swirly shit that is shaved in his head is fly?

Has anyone ever heard Amber Rose speak before?

Is Foxy Brown still going deaf?

Where the hell is Chingy at? Does he still make music?

These were just a couple of things I was think about while I was still here trying make it through this long ass work day...Sorry?


khaki said...

U are so retarded! LMAO

Anonymous said...

foxy brown not deaf anymore.. she wears a hearing aid now..

follow her on www.twitter.com/foxydondiva

spread the word

YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

Who wants to bet Anonymous is either Foxy Brown or Rick Ross?!!

Is that picture suppose to me Lil Wayne?

I'm still mad that Lauren London had his baby, I mean, yeah...cha ching, Imena a steadyincome for the next 18 years, but still he will have those gens!

How much is enough money, I'll let you know when I get there.

He will forever be their whipping boy, until he becomes a vegan, and posses naked, for their campaign...however on a side note, I so think he should really do a I rather go naked than where fur campaign!!

Hell no the world wouldn't be mad, she was a sad little white girl, with the bg ole men black man, takign her candy!

Another Bad Creation, went through puberty, and wasn't a cute novelty act. Subway became Taxi.

You don't think the swirling this is fly, I was thinking about getting it! Hmmm

Now that you mentionit, no I don't think I have ever heard Amber Rose speak, maybe becasue she is a real man, and the hormones hasn't changed her voice yet!

I think I have an answer to the money question, when it's hard for someone to buy you a present, becasue you have everything...and the only thing they can give you is a half a million dollar car, from Tyler Perry!

sunshinestar110 said...

@YB and DL why do I freaking love you!!!! plz don't get the swirly things in your head, what happens when it grows back!!

☆Reese✮ said...

lmfao this is too funny love those answers ^^^

I'm still trying to figure it out about Rev. Jesse & Rev. Al too..where do they work when they're not all over the country?

Jasmyn said...

uhm...the lil wayne question...can't answer. but i do love him. lol

how much is too much money? there's never enough (in my opinion).

wow. amber rose never speaks? ookay, u just made me realize that. hmmm

uhm...slow ppl in the fast lane. ugh...so annoying. i actually had one lady get mad because i was riding her tail, so she decides to break. no bueno. so i switch lanes and then get in front of her. doesn't feel to good do it. then went on about my business. ugh...stupid lady.