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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Please Don't

Since I have had nothing at all to do today and I don't want anyone in this office to talk to me, Ive been talking to my cousin Ne'Kiah on AIM. So everyday we have a different topic we touch some are just plain ole stupid because Kiah is wild and others are it guess u can say valuable but not today ...lol..we got to talking about what we please don't want dudes to do when trying to get at us so here is the list we came up with....

Please don't mistake me of giving you the eye becuz i glanced at you in the club/bar. Trust me I wasn't just trying to locate my friends!

Please don't get to talking about all the shit you got....So yeah baby I got a Escalade sitting on 22 chrome, i got a condo downtown and I only wear Gucci. N*** plz who fuckin cares sure not I . Plus niggas who getting never talk about it!

Please don't mistake my kindness for weakness just because I didn't curse your ass out off the break for doing something stupid doesn't mean you got one over on me. It just mean you ain't even worthless the breath.

Please don't tell me about all the money u sitting on. you don't even know me that well for all the that, for all u know I'm FBI about to get your ass.

Please don't be so damn thirsty that after i shut you down u keep trying to get my number. I told u no about an hour ago and I still haven't changed my mind.

Please don't try and holla with stank ass breath! plz check yourself before you reck yourself.

Please don't tell me that I look like someone you know!! really..is the best you can come up with.

Please don't get mad at me because I shut your ass down..all those u ain't cute anyway shit, fuck u bitch etc.....just makes me laugh at howhurt your feeling our, and trust me we have been called worse things by better people.

Please don't try and be my current boyfriend when you clearly are my ex for a reason sweetheart!! not going back to you boo.

Please don't think because you sent me a drink i owe you anything. Cuz I don't.

Please don't tell me your car is in the shop when u clearly don't have one. What u going to do a month later when u still ain't no car??U gonna get dismissed.

Please don't tell me your mama lives with you. Anyway you look at it boo your mama is there so I'm not!

Please don't try an holla at me if you got 5 kids by 4 different baby mama's cuz I aint wit it.

Please don't use the word swagga when talking about yourself. FAIL!!! who does that.

Please don't think your sex is on point because no female has ever complained. Maybe she didn't to your face but don't put to much on the dick if you don't now for sure.

Please feel free to add yours. Kiah and I decided we were going to email this list to every dude we know hoping to start a whole PLEASE don't movement....


Anonymous said...

this was funny as hell. I hate when niggas brag about what they got or how much $ they have #turnoff. & i hate when niggas say they car is in the shop i already know from jump thats a #lie.

Lady Dee said...

I agree with them all. Great list.

☆Reese✮ said...

"Please don't use the word swagga when talking about yourself. FAIL!!! who does that?"

yesssss I haaaate the overuse of that word. I usually respond with an eye roll and walk the hell away. I'd rather be single than deal with that foolishness