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Friday, March 26, 2010

Did We Just Forget About Him?

Do You Remember Him?

The email I got today was just as simple as that..."Do You Remember him?" accompanied by a large photo for Eric "Eazy E" Wright.

Today marks 15 years since be lost his battle with AIDS...

I certainly do remember Eazy E...He was in heavy play by my Uncle back in the day and I prolly feel in love with gangsta rap because of him but most importantly i remember him for speaking about being diagnosed with the AIDS Virus and passing away soon after that. For some reason he always gets left behind in the world when we discuss rappers and death. All the Tupac's, Biggie's and Big Pun's come up but never do we ever sit back and discuss him. Is that because he didn't die by the gun? or Because at the time of his death he was putting out platinum albums? Whatever the case maybe we should be blasting his music on his birthday and the day he left this earth just like we all the other who left this earth far to soon..Mostly because he opened up the ears and eyes of the hip hop community and the world that AIDS does exist. He also proved to the world that its not an gay man's disease that this disease doesn't care about your race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation..Its a slow killer and doesn't have an cure. So from this day forward let's never forget to mention Eazy E when we remember the greats we lost in the community... remember him because he taught us something and opened our eyes to AIDS.

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JStar said...

Ok girl, I shed a tear and my heart dropped when I saw this post...Eazy E will never be forgotten. I love him and his music growing up...but what sticks in my mind the most....Is the day Eazy E died....Was the SAME day that I learned that my brother had full blown AIDS (He was already past the HIV stage when he found out) So just seeing this picture brought back the feelings I felt that day when my mother breaks the news to me in the car on my way to school after I was already grieving for Eazy E....AIDS is a very srious issue and it can happen to any of us....Thanks for this post!