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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you know who this is?

Take minute look him over and then think about it.......

still don't know...OK let me tell you this Man is Guru...and not that kind of Guru..Guru ofGangstarr..Guru who was none for rocking the mic along side DJ Premier...Guru who helped shape what hip/hop is today!!! Hip hop not rap and if you still don't know who he is, you nothing about hip hop so don't claim that you do.

I was takin' back a couple days as i was reading my timeline on twitter when I saw numerous people tweet "Who is Guru?" ****Blank Stare** At first I thought it was all maybe a joke but as i read on i realized that the people i follow really had no clue into who he was and what he is to hip hop. And when i questioned them about it they all said the same lame ass excuse.."I'm not really into rap music!" lol...Rap is what they do..hip hop is the culture. I'm amazed how so many people can spit a Lil Wayne line like its first nature to them but I have no idea Who Guru is?

Without rap pioneers like Guru, Krs-One, Rakim, Grandmaster flash and the furious five, Afrika Bambataa, Curtis Blow, The SugarHill gang....the list could go on and on it would be no Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z , Fabolous, Kanye West or 50 cent i think sometime people forget how it all started and where it all started. A real hip hop fans remembers the day they feel in love with hip hop like it was yesterday and Lil Wayne ain't on the list of rappers that should have opened your eyes to hip hop.

I first fell in love with HIP HOP in the 90's not really 100% sure on the year but I do know That I far to young to really understand what I was listening to. I use to sit in my older cousin Pete's room while he got ready to hit the block and listen to everything from Curtis Blow to Whodini and when would leave out for the evening I would run back in his room a listen to his tapes on the lowest Volume so my grandmother wouldn't hear me. As time went on I started spitting those lines from all his favorite rappers like it was part of my name and at that moment hip hop became my first love. I still to this day will pop in a Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick or KRS-One CD in my car and cruise around with my first love because he has never cheated on me.

Now don't mistake it I do listen to everything that hip hop has to offer my CD players rocks Trina, The game, Dre. Dre and Lil Wayne but I have never mistaken that for Hip hop...What they do Rap, some about the money, cars, drugs, women and sex because that's what sells but I grew up when rapping was telling a story an important story at that not about who can drop it like its hot or oh let's do it. True I love the music I listen to today but i have never forgotten what hip hop is and not many rappers honor that today. So I keep Common, Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli close by to bring back the memories of real hip hop when guns, violence and sex wasn't the grand topic of it all.

You can't be a rap fan without being a hip hop fan...You gotta know where it started you got to know who made it what is is today.

So whats the difference between rap & hip hop? Its simple. Its like sayin' u love somebody & bein' n love with somebody. Rap is only a word..-Beloved


JStar said...

AMEN FOR THIS POST!!! I have been trying to skool my daughter on this who will quickly quote "Nikki Manaj"...I have been trying to hip her to the REAL artist of our time...I am an 80's baby, so you brought back some memories here...Thats the time period I remember...I could go on and on...But you hit the nail on the head with this post...

My heart goes out to Guru and his family in this time...Who doesnt know who he is, youre right doesnt know hip hop at all...They have the interent, do some research and learn some things....Respect!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i was shocked about folks now knowing guru either.

equally shocked ppl didn't know who corey haim was. maybe because i was a movie type kid and i used to kill movies in the 80's it's like how the hell do you not know this dude?...

youngsters i tell ya..